Wow ! Earning from Facebook

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200 million people all over the world are using Facebook, not just like share comment there are many more things in the Facebook world, But there do not have a direct income from Facebook, then the direct earnings from Facebook is going to bring Mark Zuckerberg's organization.

Facebook will soon be able to charge users for the group's admin to exclusive content. Can be charged min $5 up to max $29, but 30 percent of the money will be spent by Admin as first year for development of OS, Then from next year this charges will be reduced to 15%.

Facebook informs that since this kind of request has been received from Group Admin, the decision will be made to make suitable video or articles for them without charging members of the group.

Facebook member sara muller has already done this task on experimental basis, with proper method of cleaning the house, he creates video for group members and also takes money for it.

Even though Facebook has not yet told how many charges they charge from these charges, then Facebook may tell it later.

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nice earning and i really mean a lot for us

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