Good News: 1 in 4 American Facebook Users Have Deleted Their Accounts

in news •  5 months ago

Good news for society. Bad news for Facebook.

According to Forbes, at least 1 in 4 Americans with a Facebook have deleted their accounts and/or the app from their smart devices. This growing distrust of Facebook stems from their outright, arrogant, and blatant censorship. They openly, and proudly, censor conservatives and those on the right. Furthermore, from a non-political aspect, Facebook isn't as useful as it once was. The social media site is being flooded with spammers, convincing, human-like AI bot accounts, worthless public posts by self-promoters, too many groups and, most of all, an overpopulation of people that we knew in high school that we don't want to communicate with.

Of users who aren't deleting their accounts, a lot more of them have been taking more frequent "vacations" from the social media site. People are getting tired of Facebook and a certain other pro-censorship social media platforms (such as Twitter). It'll be a day to celebrate when Facebook goes the way of MySpace.

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