Dhaka third in the list of the world's polluted city

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Dhaka is the third most polluted city in the world. It is the name of India's capital New Delhi. Mumbai, which is known as the commercial capital of India, has four numbers. Source: Internet. The World Health Organization (WHO) has collected this list by collecting information about pollution of 11.4 million or more populations of cities. It is said, Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, the world's second most polluted city. And China's capital Beijing has five numbers. It is said in the report that 90 percent of the world's people are receiving contaminated air. This pollution caused the death of 70 million people in 2016. Of this 42 million people died in pollution caused by industrial factories and cars. Household air pollution has been blamed for the death of more than 38 million people.


We know that Bangladesh is a poor country but how can we get rid of the poor, let us know that method

It is very good to be in town but to stay in the city, there are many traffic concessions.

Dhaka adalah ibu kota negara. Kota Dhaka adalah kota kuno. Ada banyak pola di kota ini. Di sini tukang cukur berasal dari zaman kuno. Saat ini, kota Dhaka dikenal sebagai Kota Luar Biasa.
Kota Dhaka memiliki banyak masjid di masjid. Karena itulah kota Dhaka disebut. Kota masjid.
Ada banyak universitas kuno di kota. Yang disebut Oxford Timur.

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