The Biggest Event of Your Life? Bitcoin, Silver and an Eclipse: Astrology Forecast

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TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Aug 21, 2017 - ASTROLOGY Forecast - Could this be the biggest event of your life?

On August 21's the Total Solar Eclipse takes place all across the US.


The symbolism of the Sun and the Moon
The Sun is the conscious mind and the masculine/active side of the
personality (not gender). The Sun is also Gold, leadership, success,
glory and accomplishments of all kinds.

The Moon is the subconscious mind - from where all our deepest needs.
drives and unresolved psychic debris from this and other lifetimes as
these are manifested into the world. It is also Silver, nurturing, food, water
family, community and the feminine, receptive side of the personality
(not gender).

Any Solar Eclipse represents an area of life where the Lunar forces
overcome the normally dominant Solar Forces. A Total Eclipse represents
a total reversal of the normal 'order' of life.

Traditionally in Astrology the Total Solar Eclipse is a 'harbinger of doom'
a sign of a coup or death of the King. As you already know from recent
headlines, the Democrats are trying to unseat Trump.

However, I do NOT see this as being about the US president as much as
it is about the “King Dollar” - our US currency that has dominated the
world for at least the past 70 years - with absolutely nothing to back it
besides our faith in it.

I repeat, I do NOT think that Trump will be impeached OR killed at this
time, mainly because the US does not have a King. Presidents are
something different and last a max of 8 years. However, we DID see the
death of David Rockefeller - who probably WAS secretly the King of the
US (and most of the world for that matter).

I particularly like this video about the hidden ‘accomplishments’ of this

THE US dollar is DYING.
This is already happening and the news stories have been accelerating
about this since mid-May. But it will keep getting worse. The most
significant dates for you to pay attention to are:


May 21 - Aug 7 and Sept 7 - Nov 21 - Yellow alert.
Events will be either signaling what is yet to come as the first dominos that
fall (such as the European Bank crisis) or will be large dominos that fall as
the results of what happened during the Orange and Red alert times. One
other yellow alert event that is current is the ‘swarm’ of earthquakes taking
place in Yellowstone National Park. More earthquakes are on their way.


Aug 7- Sept 7 - Orange alert. Larger earthquakes and natural disasters are
likely. By this time and probably before there will be at least one major
collapse in the financial markets, most likely in the European markets or
derivatives. Italy is already having a banking crisis (this is a Yellow alert
event that would intensify during the Orange alert time):


Aug 18-21 RED ALERT - These are the dates of greatest danger. This
danger is not just in financial markets, although those are likely to be
decimated, especially during those days. Other issues that are likely under
this influence: Earthquakes, floods, freezes, volcanic activity (Yellowstone).

Natural disasters of all kinds, also crisis related to medical and service
industries because the Eclipse is on the cusp between Leo and Virgo.

This will effect the Baby Boom generation the most because they have their
generational planets (Uranus and Pluto) in Leo, and also because they have
the most to lose, and are not very flexible in general. Leo is a fixed sign and
does not change or adapt quickly or easily, this is true of all the fixed signs:
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius although each is fixed in a different area.

Taurus is fixed in the physical arena of possessions, property, money, art,
luxuries, personal values and self sufficiency. Ideally Taurus teaches integrity,
how to stand on our own two feet and be able to take care of ourselves
physically. It also teaches not to allow exploitation of any kind and to value
the earth, beauty and the many gifts the planet bestows on us.

Leo is fixed in the area of identity and attachments to the titles and
accomplishments that define the individual. What Leo confers is success and
the happiness that success can bring. Ideally, Leo uses their strong personality,
heart and generosity to lead others towards happy mutual accomplishments.

The powerful Leo personality is best used for the benefit of all and to
courageously lead others through challenges. Leo is uniquely capable of
inspiring others, creating unity and enthusiasm.

Scorpio is fixed in the area of hidden secret information, secret societies,
group financial matters like banking, derivatives, bonds and stocks and all
matters related to sex. The highest manifestation of Scorpio is through a
spiritual understanding of the broader picture effecting the most people and
making plans that will allow leverage of mutual resources for the greatest
good (trustless money like Bitcoin accomplishes this, as does a trustless
internet based on the Etherium network). The Scorpio gift is to see into
situations and make decisions based on this mostly hidden information.

Scorpio also has the power to reveal secrets when they need to be revealed.
The evolved Scorpio uses this ability for mutual benefit, to free others and not
to seek power over others.

Aquarius is fixed in the realm of ideas, ideologies (like political partyism),
mass media (‘fake news’), electricity, outer space and it’s inhabitants. mass
transit, earthquakes. the internet and generally any and all services that
effect the broader population (such as shipping and delivery routes. The
greatest gift the evolved Aquarius soul has to share with the world is that of
higher truth, adherence to personal convictions without personal or ego
attachment to being right. The ability to be disliked for the purpose of truth
telling or seeking, having the courage of their convictions, and also the ability
to be humble enough to change if proven wrong.

I expect every single one of these Fixed areas to be effected during the
window of the Eclipse which lasts until Nov. 21, 2017. After that we will be
dealing with the aftermath. Those fixed signs that I just mentioned are
highlighted by the Eclipse and are spiritually scheduled at this time to step
up and show the world how to make the transition into the following sign.
IE: Taurus must communicate (Gemini) and teach self-sufficiency, Leo
must lead others to find courage, and be of service (Virgo). Scorpio must
reveal secrets and help clean out corruption by educating others (Sagittarius)
and Aquarius must point the way to truth regardless of personal sacrifice
(Pisces) or ridicule.

This spiritual scheduling happened long before any of us were born, and is
one of the reasons we are here on planet earth at this most unique time in
human history. There has never been anything like what we are experiencing
now and most likely there never will be again.

crisis. Period. End of subject. Not only that, but it will be the BIGGEST thing
to happen in any of our lifetimes. The last time we had one was on June 8, 1918:,_1918

The major event that happened during that eclipse window was the Influenza
pandemic which was the most devastating health crisis to ever effect the US
as a country and killed approximately 50 Million people at a time when the
population was not a whole lot more than that. Nearly everyone had at least
lost one member of their family effected by this epidemic and many whole
families were wiped out.

The next Total Eclipse in the US will be on APRIL 8, 2024 - so that one is
also not that far away.

Above is the path of the August 21 Eclipse. The areas where the Eclipse is
visible will be most affected. To know how this might impact you personally
you would need to have your personal chart done, there is more info on that
below. As a general rule those born on the cusp of ANY sign will be impacted
strongly by the Eclipse. Weather it will be good or bad depends on the 30
Degree angle that the planet makes to the Leo/Virgo cusp. All cusps are
separated by 30 degree segments of the ‘pie’ that makes up the Horoscope

The ones mentioned above are the ones that have the greatest tension and
therefore the biggest problems. The harmonious cusps are the Sag/Capricorn
and Aries/Taurus cusp. But every chart has at least a dozen other planetary
bodies and significant points that could also be effected.

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