Father's love for a girl

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She did not know whether to find a lost girl. The taxi driver's life was also chosen. He hoped that one day the girl would ride on her taxi. The father could not find it, but the father found out. This boy was seen on Tuesday after 24 years of long. The phenomenon is in China.
Minkingh, resident of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province of China. He and his wife used to sell fruit on the road in the city. One day, when they were selling fruit, they suddenly saw that Kefeng, a three-year old girl, was not around. Parents are crazy about losing the girl. But did not give up hope. They have found a girl in the city of Chengdu and its neighborhood in the year after year. Advertisement in the newspaper. Apply online Minking has another daughter. Because Keefeng did not collect any pictures, she found the picture of the second daughter's picture. Because of the similarity of the faces of two sisters, this idea was established by Minking.
According to reports published in the Chinese media, in no way, in 2015, the taxi driver's life was chosen by Minking. Hopefully, the lost girl may be in her taxi with a day passenger. For this reason, make a signboard with all the information he has about the girl and arrange it behind the car. The cards with the second daughter's pictures were given to each passenger.
This innovative technique of mingling was widely circulated through the Chinese press. Her tireless efforts to get her back to her daughter touched the hearts of many people. The police also identified some women as self-proclaimed. But DNA test results disappoint every time. Eventually at the end of last year, one of the policemen came forward. According to the description of the girl from Minking, she prepared a sketch of her adult. The picture is widely circulated through Chinese media and social media. Thousands of kilometers away, a woman named Kang Ying reached the picture. He looks as if he is stunned. Earlier this year, the woman contacted Minking with the woman. Kang Ying meets some of the physical things with the losing girl of Minking. DNA tests are on her. Now Mingking and his wife did not have to be disappointed. Kang Ying, his losing daughter Kiefang Yesterday he returned to parents' chest.
Kefang said, he grew up in a family just 20 kilometers away from his home.IMG_20180404_175358_271.jpg
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