US, UK, French Sponsored Nusra Front in Eastern Ghouta Bomb Damascus Residential Districts

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On a Friday (weekend and holy day for Muslims), the morning after the UNSC failed to impose a cessation of hostilities to protect the Nusra Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, those terrorists bombed a number of neighborhoods in the Syrian capital Damascus with heavy mortars and missiles causing the deaths and injuries of tens of civilians and large damage to properties.

Damascus 23 February 2018

The gifts from US, UK and French to the Syrian people via their mercenary Nusra Front terrorists in Eastern Ghouta with their Oscar 2017 White Helmets faking videos there and implementing it in reality against civilians in Syrian government areas.

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Amnesty Medecins Sans Frontieres Human Rights Oxfam ... so many shattered illusions these last years :-(