US-appointed Ukrainian Regime Gone Nuts Drafting Women in the Army

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I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday who told me that the Ukrainian regime has issued a law to draft women into the army out of fear of Russian invasion, I had to pause and ask whether I heard correctly and the answer was affirmative, I even couldn't believe so I looked it up and it's true.

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The worse part is they're after women between 18 - 60 years old, are we talking about the same Ukraine which just a few years ago was a strong thriving country that started to find its way among the established countries with a strong industrial base, strategic location with access to the Black Sea and great relations with a powerful neighbor which also was just rising back to the world's stage, now that neighbor has turned into an enemy, the country lost some of the important parts it used to control in its east after losing Crimea.

How did Russia become the enemy and the west become allies, the same Russia which built its gas pipelines through Ukraine to allow the people of Ukraine transit income and part of the gas which they needed most, which shared with Ukraine the same Church which, btw, its seat was in Syria, the Natural Syria, and now that Church was not saved from the neo-Nazis appointed by the USA with a friend of the Turkish madman Erdogan and the Israelis, a Jewish president acting as the country's leader...!

Ukraine is under US occupation and is heading to the abyss, if the Ukrainians think the US or any or all of NATO or even Israel will be able to help them in the feud they're building against Russia, they're very much mistaken, Russia doesn't even need to get involved to turn the tables on its enemies who deployed their troops in Ukraine at its borders, the Ukrainians themselves with a large percentage of Russian origins who continue to speak Russian despite the laws banning Russian language introduced by the US-puppets a couple of years ago, they'll be more than capable of toppling the Kyiv (Kiev) regime within hours should a need arise, especially with the miserable failures of the neo-Nazis economically.

In comparison, Syria continues to fight against tens of thousands of suicide terrorists, their numbers reached 350,000 over the past 11 years, and did not introduce a women's mandatory draft to the army!! And the Syrian people have fought against, in addition to the Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, a host of the world's superpowers spearheaded by the USA, Britain, France, Germany, and super-rich Gulfies funding the war, while Israel is reaping the benefits and helping when needed with the US weapons it was gifted by the US taxpayers.

The Syrians won the war against all odds because they have a just cause and they're defending their country, yes we lost a lot and bled a lot, but we managed to tip the world's balance back in order, eliminating the US hegemony forever, and all the countries that attacked us are facing pressing issues themselves now, and we did not draft women at any age, imagine 18 - 60 years old, the men in Syria are drafted until 45 years old..! What is the Ukrainian regime afraid of?

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