Syria Officially Accuses the USA & Turkey of Burning Wheat Crops - A War Crime

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Syria has officially filed a complaint at the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council against the USA and Turkey for deliberately burning wheat fields in Syria as the crop is nearing harvesting.

USA and Turkey and terrorists burning Syria wheat crops.jpg

The USA leading its evil camp of NATO and their terrorist groups have resorted to this war crime after their War of Terror, that lasted so far double the time of WWII, failed to achieve its goals in dividing Syria to secure the expansion of Israel and to distribute its riches among the victors.

Nobody knows who controls the international organization more than the Syrian ambassador to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari, but unless he received compelling evidence implicating the US and Turkish forces directly and indirectly through their ISIS and other terrorists in burning the wheat fields of Syrian farmers, the career diplomat wouldn't have filed the complaint.

The Syrian people have suffered more than any other people in the world from the war waged against them by the majority of the world countries including countries you can't find on the map easily but joined the US-led coalition for a piece of the cake, they'll never have as the people of Syria has no intention to give the criminals now what they failed to achieve throughout the past 9 plus years.

More in this report: Ambassador Jaafari Issues Formal Complaint on US Burning Wheat Fields

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I think its become more of a business.... Its not war in order to "free" a country... It´s to create business opportunities for the big boys.

It was never a war to free any country, it was always a war to destroy all Israel's enemies or those who pose any threat to the 'Greater Israel Project' run by the Zionist cult in charge of the USA: invading Iraq, Libya, the Iraq - Iran war fueled by the USA and the Gulfies, the destroying of Yemen, the multiple invasions of Lebanon, destroying Somalia, the 'colored revolutions' aka Arab Spring aka the rise of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world... and the continuous gradually increasing pressure on Syria since 1956.. it's more than obvious. They want to build the temple for the Anti-Christ, as they say and as mentioned in the scriptures, by creating a Jewish state which is very much anti-Judaic as they per the Torah are not supposed to have any state of their own, so anybody who opposes this needs to be destroyed.

Those who don't see the obvious need to just read a little more.

Religion is the reason for more death on earth then any other fact.
I still cannot get my head around why people kill each other for their invisible friends...
Its ridiculous...