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The Euphrates runs through Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, it has since the dawn of history been the base where the main civilizations settled, especially in today's Syria and Iraq, formerly known as the Mesopotamia, today, US-led NATO is threatening the very existence of one of the world's most important rivers.

NATO member state Turkey led by the Turkish madman Erdogan has been escalating the water wars started by former Turkish regimes in building and expanding a series of dams across the Euphrates and its younger parallel river, the Tigris, the Zionist's faithful servant Erdogan is committing genocide against the people of the region which his Ottoman ancestors couldn't complete by cutting the flow of the Euphrates water downstream completely.

Three Syrian provinces, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah, with up to 5 million population depend on the Euphrates for drinking water, for irrigation of Syria's food basket land, and for everyday needs, passing Syria into Iraq, seven Iraqi provinces depend on the same river for the same reasons.

That much harm against this many people in all these provinces are directly affected by the unprecedented shortage of the water levels of the Euphrates which has gone down 4.5 meters in depth across 4.5 kilometers width and 80 kilometers long, are you imagining the scope?

The above video shows the side of the water taken from Lake Assad which was formed in the seventies of last century when building the Euphrates Dam aka Tabqa Dam in the Syrian Raqqa province.

A prophecy known to the people of the region that by end of times and just before the emergence of the Antichrist, a severe drought will strike the region causing massive hunger, the US and European blockade against the Syrian people dubbed sanctions, the stealing of the food, oil, and water by the NATO 'defensive' alliance, and the war of terror the US and its stooges waged against Syria including the collecting of Jews from across the world in southwestern Syria known as Palestine, are all signs the people of this region are anticipating based on their scriptures.

Now you know from where the woke agenda comes, the wars committed by the 'defensive' alliance, and the suffering inflicted by these evil people point the finger at the Antichrist faithful servants.

If you're not a believer for some reason, at least consider that there's not a single war, conflict, strife, mischief, unrest, and terrorist plot in the past 70 years across the planet that the USA is not a party to, and the main instigator of, and for what benefit of the US citizens, the taxpayer footing the bills of these evil crimes? Let that sink in.

More in this report: Turkish Madman Erdogan Cuts Euphrates Water – A New War Crime.

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