Just Imagine if Venezuela Had Similar Actions in Plan for the US?!

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The US secretary of state Pompeo said: The U.S. is preparing actions in coming days against Venezuela.

That is a declaration of war, and not a direct confrontation war, but a CIA style war and it doesn't have any other explanation or could have been taken out of context.

Without the need to analyze this threat, just imagine what would be the reaction of all the member states of NATO, led by the US, and their stooges, if the news was: Venezuela is preparing actions in the coming days against the USA?

Just to be sure before posting this, I checked that the United Nations and its Security Council are still there and 3 out of 5 of NATO member states are permanent members of the UNSC. What exactly is the role of the UNSC if the US takes actions against each country in the world?

Mr. Maduro missed on the chance and didn't carry out what he should do in full swing to protect his country, he still has a chance though before it's very too late: What President Nicolas Maduro Should Do Now

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They will call him an outlaw and create a coalition to destroy his country, they're not able to create that coalition now, but once they can they will.

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