Illegal US Army Base Bombed in Northern Syria

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USCENTCOM admitted their illegal military base in southeastern Deir Ezzor province came under missile attack, they claimed nobody was hurt and no material damage was caused by the missiles blowing up the dorms of their troops!

Local sources and the Syrian news agency Sana confirmed the bombing of the so-called 'Green Zone' comprising the dorms of the US oil thieves.

The missile attack comes after Israel bombed a Syrian military air base a day earlier, a Syrian resistance group vowed to bomb the US oil thieves illegally operating in Syria every time Israel bombs Syria, no party claimed responsibility for this attack but surely the message was delivered.

Biden continues his plot he started under Obama to destabilize the region and steal Syrian oil trying to effect a regime change in Syria, Trump was no better, he escalated the US war crimes against Syria unilaterally and collectively with his NATO buddies.

The US officials claim they are in Syria to combat ISIS, except that ISIS only grew under their watch and in the areas controlled by the US troops, and all evidence released so far proves beyond any doubt that the US army or parts of it in Syria do arm, finance, train, and command ISIS, I've shared dozens of posts before on this platform and on my main website proving the same.

Keep in mind, there was no Al Qaeda or ISIS before the US and UK invasion of Iraq, and ISIS was largely defeated by the Syrian army and its allies and by the Iraqi PMU before the US interfered again.

More about this latest bombing of the US army oil thieves in this report: US Army Base Stealing Syrian Oil in Deir Ezzor Missile-Bombed.

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