How Hypocrite Theresa May's Regime Can Be?

in #news5 years ago

Boular, the lady, was sentenced at the Old Bailey court to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 16 years. Dich, her mother, received an extended sentence of 11 years and nine months for PLANNING TERRORIST ATTACK IN LONDON!!!!

So if it's in London, just planning a 'terrorist attack' would reward one a life in prison, but if the same terrorist attack happens in Syria, for instance, the reward would be totally different and it comes in tens of thousands of Sterling Pounds, ask the White Helmets and their Nusra Front buddies. Link.

Several years ago when the British people actually protested against the regime of David Cameron, the guy who raped a dead pig, first of all the protests were called 'riots' and 2 young men were jailed for up to 4 years for posting a post on Facebook calling for a protest...!


It was the same time the regime of David Cameron, yes the same guy who raped a dead pig, was pressuring Syria for fighting back terrorists who by that time have claimed the lives of thousands of Syrian soldiers, on and off duty, policemen, UNARMED riot control police 110 of them in Homs in a single day, security officers 124 of them in Jisr Shoghour in one day alone who were overwhelmed by over 700 attackers smuggled into the border town by Erdogan forces, not to mention tens of public buildings torched to ground, post office workers thrown from roof top in Al Bab city northern Aleppo countryside...

If these daughter and mother were possessing Bible verses in their homes and Nazi slogans, they would be called mentally disturbed and set free. See the hypocrisy?

But don't worry, the terror you sowed in Syria and Iraq, you'll reap in your home towns sooner or later. Karma doesn't joke, and God doesn't forgive intentional killing, or accomplice in killing innocent people across the planet.

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Didn't know about the London Riots sentences!!! 4 years for a Facebook post in the UK which wants to export democracy and free speech to everywhere else in the world, except in its own and its allies?!

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