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Heat source was detected by a drone from what is believed to be the site of the wreckage of the Iranian President's helicopter, late at night.

The video is also on Rumble, and BitChute

After several hours of delay, Iran asked for assistance from Turkey to send drones equipped with night vision to locate the lost helicopter that was carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his companions, the drone found a source of fire still burning from the presumed site of the doomed helicopter.

The 'Death' of the Iranian President and What it Means to the Region if it was an Accident:
Practically, nothing.

For Iran:
New presidential election within 50 days.

If it wasn't an accident, a new Pandora's box would be opened and nobody can predict the outcome, not that the Iranians will go mad bombing around, gradual escalations on all the conflicts around the world will be felt immensely, the perpetrators will feel cornered and will become more aggressive, and the rest of the world will be more determined to punish the perpetrators.

Opportunists will gloat and try to snatch their chances in stirring troubles.

Ebrahim Raisi was accompanied by the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and some other officials returning from an event celebrating with their Azerbaijan counterparts the construction of a vital damn in a remote area.

The helicopter carrying the Iranian top delegation lost contact over a rigid mountainous region in northwest Iran.

Hasan Raisi, a hardliner in Iran, was seen as the potential successor for the Iranian Super Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Read: Iranians Elected the Hardliner Raisi as President, Thanks to Donald Trump.

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The world had better hope that this was just a freak accident and not something sinister. The fact that he was flying back from Azerbaijan, an Israel and US friendly country, is suspect in my opinion.

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