Happening Now in Al Quds: Live War Crimes Under Occupation

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You might know it as 'Jerusalem', its real name is Al-Quds, this is the capital of Palestine and the holy land where many religious historical events took place with the real Semite people, it's under occupation since June 1967 by gangs of terrorist groups who migrated to Palestine under the protection and encouragement of the British regime in exchange for money in what is known as the Balfour Declaration.

Ever since its occupation and the holy land has been squeezed and the terrorist groups like the Irgun, Stern, Haganah, Lehy, and many others which later united under the so-called IDF have been committing war crimes against the Semite people of Palestine. Europeans are not Semite, Jews, in general, are not Semite, Judaism is a belief and not a race, only the people of the Levant are Semite, read history properly.

Al-Quds is the house of the Muslims' second most holiest mosques the Al-Aqsa Mosque where Islam says it's the place God gathered all the prophets behind Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all, to perform their prayer, Muslims were also praying toward the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the early days of Islam before God gave the instructions to face the Kaaba in the now 1st holiest mosque Al-Masjed Al-Haram in Mecca.

Muslims also observe the Lunar month of Ramadan by fasting, it's the month awaited every year and the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and spend most of the days and nights reading the Holy Quran, praying, and supplication to bring peace on Earth, to heal the sick, to eliminate poverty, and during this month is when Muslims pay their annual Zakat, an amount equal to 2.5% of their belongings to the poor, and they look after the needy.

After the Prophet's death, the second caliph Omar sent an army to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Semite Christian people of Palestine dominating the land didn't fight, their top priests told the Muslim army leader that 'we will only hand over the keys of the city to the person described in our books', few days later the second Caliph in Islam Omar arrives at the Al-Aqsa, it happened that he was traveling only with his aide, one single aide, and they were exchanging the ride throughout the way, the caliph rides the horse and the aide would walk then equal time the aide rides the horse and the caliph walks, it was the turn of the aide on the horse upon their arrival who tells the caliph that better they see you riding and the Caliph Omar insists that what is just is just and it's the turn for the aide to ride. The priests receiving the caliph at the doors of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and after asking who is the caliph said this is the first sign written in their books, the caliph will arrive walking. They approached him and saw his dress is sewed in 11 places, the caliph whenever his robe was damaged would sew the place damaged, and that was their second sign, and other signs fulfilled, so they handed the keys of the city to the Caliph Omar who in turn wrote them a letter named after his name later on that Christians have the right access to their churches and endowments in the city and nobody can challenge their rights, as much as the Muslims have the rights.

The above is to understand why the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds is that much sacred for the Muslims and Christians, and the real Jews who by that time have mostly either converted to Christianity or directly to Islam.

Today was the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, the Muslims gathered for prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Israeli Zionist settlers and their terrorists in the IDF organization invaded the mosque militarily killing and maiming dozens and kidnapping others.

Here are a few pictures from the scene:





European imported Zionist settlers stealing the houses of the Palestinians under the protection of the IDF terrorist organization:

Here they kill a 60 years old lady:


Tomorrow, when the Palestinians fight back the Israelis will start crying that they are the victims, just for your info every Israeli male and female serve in their IDF terrorist organization, they are all armed and this means there is nothing called 'Israeli civilian' whatever that would lead to.

The Palestinians have no army, they have no navy, they have no air force, they don't even have access to their own waters to fish, what's happening in Palestine is GENOCIDE before our own eyes. For what? For the followers of the Evangelical Church want to 'expedite' the return of Jesus Christ by serving Satan and the antichrist, if this is not lunatic enough it shows the amount of criminality deep in the hearts of the current days crusaders and their Zionist tools.

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The whole world needs to support the Palestinians just like support us in Syria defending our lands from invaders.

Just imagine if it was the other way around and Palestinians were attacking a Jewish synagogue anywhere in the world... let that sink in how much the westerns are either brainwashed or as you said the grandchildren of the medieval crusaders who repeat the crimes of their ancestors..