A Young Syrian Boy Killed for NATO Leader Erdogan

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Ibrahim Rayya was a Syrian young boy who was forced-recruited by NATO's top leader Erdogan of Turkey in the latter's quest to be the new Ottoman sultan.

Erdogan forces of Nusra Front (aka Al-Qaeda Levant) kidnapped the boy from northern Syria, trained him on killing, and sent him to Libya, the new terrorist base for NATO. Ibrahim Rayya served in the army of the UN-recognized government of Libya based in Tripoli where he was sent to fight the Libyan army under Khalifa Haftar.

He was killed in a recent battle there.

Recruiting children soldiers is a war crime. It seems that NATO leaders and NATO's western countries are fine with that as long as it serves their goals of invading, destroying, and looting sovereign countries that have oil or other resources or pose any threat to their advanced base called Israel.

Waiting your condemnations in the comments especially from citizens of NATO member states. No buts or ifs or further details needed, if recruiting children soldiers is fine with you then wait to investigate further, if it's not fine with you then at least condemn that part and show us you don't have double standards.

Note: In case you're wondering, yes the majority of Syrians are white if that makes a difference to you.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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this is a war crime but because the criminals are in the usa camp nobody is talking about it but if it was only one case by the others they will use it to invade and destroy the countries.