"but they know their government should act."

Demanding swift action from the government rarely results in a good outcome.

"State violence is routinely exalted in American society, whether in the form of brutality from police officers or the heroism of soldiers who excel at murder. But no one can figure out why America is a violent country."

Could not have said it better myself.

Hollywood has been playing U.S. gov. propaganda manufacturer and distributor for decades now, but they claim to be champions of human and women's rights. LOL You can't make that shit up!

My own opinion is that those kind of long range powerful weapons have no use in the city, maybe increasing the age on who can buy them would work. need responsible individuals to have those kind of weapons. i know many wont agree, but that is just my opinion. for everything else there is Bitcoin :) HODL !!!

it's numbing to try and grasp just how it is that our people have come to be so easily led ...

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