Microsoft Warns Customers: Watch What You Say When Using Our Products — or Else

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We can now add a new Microsoft policy of punishing account users who use “offensive language” while logged into one of their products or services to the growing list of draconian measures employed by tech companies to police online content.

In a release summarizing the new policy, which will go into effect May 1, Microsoft stated:

“In the Code of Conduct section, we’ve clarified that use of offensive language and fraudulent activity is prohibited.”

Microsoft stated that they may temporarily suspend or boot offending users permanently from their products. They also reserve the right to search through user content.

The company’s code of conduct was written to crack down on spam, the transmission of malware, child exploitation, and illegal activity. So far, Microsoft has not been explicit about what will constitute offensive language.

Users expect the policy to have the biggest effect on Xbox Live players, who are known to troll each other during games. But other Microsoft customers worry the new code of conduct could restrict free speech on platforms like Skype and OneDrive.

Civil rights activist Jonathan Corbett challenged the company in a blog post, writing:

“So wait a sec: I can’t use Skype to have an adult video call with my girlfriend? I can’t use OneDrive to back up a document that says ‘fuck’ in it? What’s clear here is that Microsoft is reserving the right to cancel your account whenever they feel like it.”

While users commenting on Reddit claim the policy is really nothing new, many Microsoft customers and tech users fear the move is a pretext for censoring people. It adds to an intensifying debate regarding tech companies and social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google tweaking their algorithms to control page reach and enacting measures that restrict creative expression and free speech. Some journalists claim the Big 5 tech companies — Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon — as well as other information gatekeepers, are taking censorship cues from Washington lawmakers and acting as the de facto face of repressive government.

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This is ridiculous. Words are only offensive if they offend someone. I guess I need to know more about what they will be censoring to fully comment, but not allowing free speech in general is NOT OK.

It's part of a larger trend of tech gatekeepers using censorship as a pretext for controlling platform and also surveiling everything we do.

And that's the more sinister portion of it for sure. Double whammy


child exploitation?
I thought that was a company goal!
I mean...X-box?

What’s clear here is that Microsoft is reserving the right to cancel your account whenever they feel like it.”

All part of the Shuttening. Once SJWs infiltrate Microsoft's answer to 'Trust and Safety', we'll see how many get shut down for spreading bad feelz

Thing's are getting out of control you can't hurt anyone's feeling's or you'll be banned you can't buy certain gun's and now you can't talk trash on Xbox live. Yup the world is coming to an end.

Hey, and don't forget that on all W10 PC's, Cortana is also listening. Careful what you say, we don't want "Alexa" and "OK Google" to get jealous !!

"They also reserve the right to search through user content." That right there is extremely troubling, and a blatant invasion of privacy.

Did i get it?
After reading all of it, i came to a conclusion, that M$ is saying "The Reason we are actually Spying on you is, that you are not mean to others, don't spread hate and be more civil to each other".

  • It seems like, M$ just wan't them to be more comfy, so the consumers speak more about the stuff they like and mostly wish to buy and or personal Information, that can be made to money's?

Maybe i am just reading things or don't understand, because my English is a bit limited?
But as a gamer it's common to say mean stuff to others while playing against each other, even if it sounds like hate, it's not personal, it's competition!

So it's just a Sign, they are Listening and they let you know about it!

It's also a common tactic, they don't make a secret about it, like Alexa, Google and Facebook, a lot know about the spying, but the consumer don't care, because they have nothing to hide...