excellent reporting. So glad I am finding the right people to follow on here finally


SteemTales apologizes. The General is retired for months and months now. But he always has to interfere.

wow :( i'm gonna being making a video about this thanks @antimedia

Yeah.. But who is actually surprised?

I'm more surprised at the fact that Project Maven leaked to the press than something along the lines of corporate-military industrial complex is investing in machine learning for warfare applications...
It might seem strange at first, but one really looks at the history, actually it is these huge megacorps who do a lot of the grunt work and research work for the military industrial complex... Even Chomsky tells us about the MIT-MIC Pentagon research gigs, but even that is just scratching the surface...

So now big Universities, big Corporations and big Government are working on Big Data together...

Yup. No surprise.

Google will make it happen. The Robotic Revolution / 4th Industrial Revolution Is a Go, and has been a long, long time coming.

They monopolized basically everything of interest in the world and can dangle it in front of the world's best minds...

Our only hope now is that through decentralization and all of this block-chain technology we might be able to re divert interests, reallocate resources, realign incentives, and slowly but surely start digging away and eroding the centralized power of the corporatocracy...

Good luck to us all... Better get to working

You're right, DARPA was always the military pit farming out private contracts

Well, with Boogles motto being


What does anyone expect? (and besides, they were started with govern-cement funds, so...)

This is like a never ending marathon towards something irrelevant to the average human being.
Thanks for your post.

During the 2016 presidential race, candidate Trump stated that President Obama and his Sec of State Clinton created ISIS, which is a fact. Not personally, of course - they directed the CIA to recruit members, arms, and training for ISIS, which was basically a proxy mercenary force to be used for the US regime change agenda in the Middle East. Then the CIA orchestrated numerous false flag terrorist attacks in the US and Europe, which it pinned on ISIS, thus creating the terrorist threat illusion. So when the CIA, NSA, and DOD talk about using Google's AI to help identify 'terrorists', they are actually talking about citizens (like me), who are trying to expose what the gov't is REALLY doing. We are their 'terrorists'. Nice knowing you.

I think anyway the government have been monitoring people after the 9/11 incident.

Thanks for sharing idea and details . You are doing well

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