10 Stories Corporate Media Doesn't Want You to Read: June 4, 2018

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Here are 10 hand-picked articles, straight from the best and most trusted independent media sources, focused on topics and angles you won’t see anywhere in the corporate media.


Flotilla Continues Towards Gaza to Challenge the Israeli Blockade

This is the second report from Elizabeth Murray who is aboard a new Freedom Flotilla Coalition to protest the illegality of the 12-year Israeli blockade that is choking Gaza.

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NATO Will Not Intervene If Iran Strikes Israel

NATO’s secretary-general says the alliance wouldn’t come to Israel’s defense in the case of an attack by Iran. Jens Stoltenberg told German magazine Der Spiegel that Israel is a partner, but not a member of the alliance and that NATO’s “security guarantee” doesn’t apply.

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What If ‘Murdered’ Russian Journalist Decided to Stay Dead in Kiev?

What if Arkady Babchenko had, for whatever reason, remained “dead”? What if, instead of appearing at a press conference the day after his faked assassination, the Russian journalist had put on a wig, obtained some fake papers, and started a new life in Hawaii?

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US Military Set to Deploy Powerful Missile Shield in Germany

It appears German military leaders may be capitalizing on current US fear-mongering related to the “Iran threat” pushed by the White House.

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New Lawsuits Filed Against US Gov't Regarding Cancer-Linked Pesticides

The lawsuits are aimed at disrupting the close relationship between the White House and the chemical companies responsible for the creation of these dangerous poisons.

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Bolton and His Israeli Counterpart Just Met in DC to Plot Against Iran

Israeli national security advisor Meir Ben-Shabat arrived in Washington last week for talks at the White House with John Bolton, his American counterpart.

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As Good as Gold: Turkey Uses Bullion to Stabilize Its Economy

Turkey’s economy has been in a tailspin with an inflationary currency, but the country is using something rare to help stabilize itself: gold.

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UN Report Condemns US for ‘Deliberately’ Creating Devastating Inequality

A scathing new United Nations report concludes that the United States is “deliberately” working to make inequality even worse by waging a war on the poor.

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Parents Arrested, Lose Custody of Son After Giving Him Cannabis to Treat Seizures

A Georgia couple is making national headlines after the state’s Division of Family and Children Services removed their teenage son from their care because they provided him with cannabis to treat a lifelong seizure disorder.

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Syria’s Assad to Visit North Korea for Meeting With Kim Jong Un

On Sunday, North Korea announced a meeting with Syria's Assad, the first visit by a state leader to Pyongyang since Kim Jong Un became the country’s leader in 2011. Assad and Kim have never met before.

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6 more huge stories from our independent media partners:

Clapper: US Manipulated Elections and Conducted Regime Change in “Best Interests of the People”
Israel, Gaza Exchange Fire After Funeral of Female Palestinian Paramedic
FBI Agent Shoots Man After Dropping Gun While Doing Backflip at Night Club
Trade War Cometh: Nations, Critics Push Back Against US Tariffs From All Directions
“Unacceptable”: China Blasts US for “Irresponsible Comments” About South China Sea
US Has ‘Reservations’ About Israel-Russia Deal on Syria

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Now this is what the media really should be telling us about. Instead of click-bait crappy headlines and even worst sensationalist non-issue "reporting".

I wish every time I opened up my browser, that these were the kinds of headlines that grabbed my attention.

I might actually start reading the news again.

Funny how "Antimedia" is the source of authentic and ethical journalism ^^

Love your posts.
Peace xx