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A few years ago John Stossel ran a special called Illegal Everything, exposing many of the asinine (over)regulations in the US.

Basically, this is a form of extortion that claims the right to grant permission for people to pursue life, liberty and happiness. In this case, the same regulators that approve soda, candy, chemicified products simulating just about anything we might consider putting in our mouths, are telling people that the raw milk that humans have been consuming for millennia transgresses their regulation, resulting in fines, arrests and the destruction of personal property. The idiocy steps up a few notches when it comes to big pharma.

Salatin's quote is at 18:55. This one is a classic too

"Life is risky. You can die from it!".

Section on raw milk is at 16:50 and lasts about five minutes, in case it doesn't start there automatically.

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We use about 2-3 gallons a week.... um, for animal consumption only of course.

Us too..... It was illegal back in WI, they now allow it in AR.

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government overreach enforced by violence, answer, self defense.

I hate fox news..... but yup, this is why to stay the hell out of the US.....