Syria Rebuilding: (The Media Doesn't Want You To Know)

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Syria is in a rebuilding stage right now, something our media should be celebrating. Syria has been coming back to life since we stopped arming jihadi terrorist rebels when we changed Administration. Things haven't been perfect for Syria with our new Administration in place, but simply better.

When I first became aware of the terrorist problem in Syria in 2013, the "rebels" had launched an attack on one west coast town called Lattakia. Syrians were reporting that Al Nusra rebels (the off-shoot of Al Qaeda that is in Syria) had slaughtered 10,000 women and children in that town. Over the next year, I watched as they spread their massacres across the country. Syrians fled and/or went into hiding.

With the change in U.S. Administration, "Syrian rebels" (who are in large part not even Syrian) have been left without the monetary support they enjoyed before our election. Many of those "rebels" have left Syria and traveled to the west or returned to their home countries. Some have been defeated by being outnumbered by forces against them now instead of being supported. As a result, Syrians have come out from hiding and begun to rebuild their country. It is reported that 1,200,000 Syrians have returned home.

These pictures were posted courtesy of @SyrianLioness on Twitter and reposted by Janice Kortkamp, a reporter who travels frequently to Syria and advocates for the people there. She is a part of State Senator Richard Black's office. I obtained the photos from her.

Over the next few weeks, I will begin to post more of the memories that are being made as Syria rebuilds. Our media doesn't want to report good news from Syria. They want to encourage war and advocate a need for U.S. "intervention" which promotes U.S. interests in a pipeline from Qatar through Syria into Europe. But despite the challenges and a world against them, Syria is rebuilding.

Here are some photos this week of the rebuilding efforts:

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