Stephen Hawking Passes Away

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Science lost one of its' greatest minds.

Sticking within and working upon Einstein's foundations and their quantum implications, Stephen Hawking advanced theoretical physics more than anyone since Feynman.

He passed at the age of 76.

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The resiliency and drive of this man are things I truly respect. To go through the time of writing the tomes of his thought experients with his remarkable. His best known work is probably "A Brief History of Time"; written to be accessible to the public, it stands at a modest 256 pages.

But even with that page count, you have to remember it wrote it letter-by-letter with his right cheeek and eyeball movements. It is said the book took around 3-4 years for him to write.

And he wrote several books, did interviews and a great deal more things that the likes of minds like mind can't even comprehend.

Dedication & Genius....

A powerful combination.

What I can say is this, to end on a positive note with this news...I think he passed away because he finally solved the puzzle that drove him and is the focus/sticking point of most theoretical physicists....what happened before the big bang?

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Last week it was announced that Hawking said he believed he had solved the question. The timing of his passing seems like no mere coincidence to me.

In his own words...


I think he was content that his life's purpose and his years of hard work had finally paid off so the 'spark' (no pun intended) that kept him doing pulled a super nova. Expanding rapidly and shining extremely bright before its mass floats away as the star disintegrates.

Thanks for the inspiration Professor Hawking. I'd say R.I.P. and stop there...but with what I just said I'm confident he already is.

[Source: wikimedia]

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Wow! It's fascinating, isn't it, when someone accomplishes his life goal and passes on right afterwards. It's amazing how long he hung in there in his condition, until he was "complete".

Great news, thanks t

Wow an article that attracts my friend. @androsform

I just heard the news about his passing from a friend a few minutes ago and then I stumbled upon this post. I agree with you and also think that he is already at peace. He had a life well lived.

My goal is simple
Total domination.

I see what you did there, big appetite we shall name you when the sticks dawns your dome.

What will the Big Bang theory tv show do without him?
On a serious note, I really enjoyed his easy way of explaining difficult things. That is truly his most powerful skill. Only if you truly understand a subject can you teach it in easy steps.


fully agreed. way too many "teachers" hide behind the voocabulary of their vocation to hide their lack of knowledge.

Feynman may have even been better..but he has the physical advantage.


Good news ..thanks for sharing @androsform

Thank you..great news .thanks for sharing .. @androsform

Some Judicious Person inspire other People. He is most one of them.
Thanks for coming the truth to us again.