The lungs of the world burnt before 1 month

in news •  17 days ago 

Amazon is considered the lungs of the world. 25 percent oxygen produce this forest. The location of Amazon is divided into five or six country. 60 percent Amazon is in Brazil area. The problem arises in Brazil; Fire break out in Amazon in the site of Brazil. Amazon is continue burnt but the Brazilian government activities nothings. Every day a new area are affected by firing. Amazon is now turned into hell. But in the worse condition the president of Brazil blames non government institutions instead of control the fire. A report says that everyday almost within one minute fire burns the Amazon 0.7 square miles. In a meeting G7 wanted to help Brazil but Brazil refuse it.

When the others countries creates pressure on Brazil, the government of Brazil takes action on the serious problem. Almost 30 percent forest is burnt. If the condition goes on the universe will turn into mars. So we should plant trees more and more to protect our universe from upcoming danger.

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