Why ISIS, Obama and John Kerry Don’t Want You To Hear This Leaked Audio

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On September 30th, 2016 the New York Times quietly released a leaked audio recording  of Secretary of State John Kerry meeting with multiple factions within  Syria. The revelation of the audio is that Obama knowingly armed  jihadists in the area to overthrow Assad and destabilize the Middle East. 

The audio confirms the claim that former National Security Advisor and former DIA director Michael Flynn has made publicly for quite some time, stating arming ISIS was “a willful Washington decision.” 

 Then there are others within the pentagon who leaked a report that  said the same that the U.S. supported and backed “moderate rebels” to overthrow Assad other ex-intelligence officials backed the report.

 These claims shed light on the 2012 presidential order that authorized U.S. support for “moderate rebels.” 

2012: WASHINGTON, Aug 1 (Reuters)  – President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S.  support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  and his government, U.S. sources familiar with the matter said.
Obama’s  order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence  “finding,” broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide  support that could help the rebels oust Assad.

 With the recent release of audio of John Kerry admitting it, we  finally have some verifiable proof direct from the bull’s mouth – the  U.S. knowingly armed terrorists.

“I’ve  argued for use of force. I stood up. I’m the guy who stood up and  announced we’re going to attack Assad because of the weapons, and then  you know things evolved into a different process.” 

Kerry  further admitted that NATO allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia were  financing ISIS. This explosive revelation was also exposed by journalist  Serena Shim, who tracked NGO trucks going in and out of the Turkish  border. For more on that check out my interview with Serena Shim’s mother, sister and husband.

Another  now widely known fact thanks to Wikileaks is that the Turkish President  Erdogan’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak and family bought and sold ISIS oil through Powertrans, a Turkish energy company. Another dot to connect is something Zerohedge outed in 2013 – Bilal Erdogan using his ships in Syria.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has even talked about Turkey’s involvement with ISIS oil in 2015 when Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber.

Paul Vallely, a retired Major General of the U.S. Army also alleged Turkey’s responsibility in creating ISIS.Turkey and Ukraine were also the two countries that helped facilitate the false flag attack on Syria, the chemical warfare attack that a source sent me leaked emails about then went viral and were posted everywhere within days including on the Dailymail and Yahoo. 


Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh  also pinned the Sarin gas crime on Washington’s proxies, and the rebels  themselves threatened the West that they would expose what really  happened if they were not given more advanced weaponry within one month –  more on that in a minute, but first some background on what Kerry said  in the audio.

“The problem is that, you  know, you get, quote, ‘enforcers’ in there and then everybody ups the  ante, right? Russia puts in more, Iran puts in more; Hezbollah is there  more, and and Saudi Arabia and Turkey put all their surrogate money in,  and you all are destroyed.” Kerry, said in the leaked audio.

 Kerry also admitted that the U.S. is financing and training Hezbollah. In fact, major banks got caught knowingly funding Hezbollah. In 2012, a Senate report alleged that HSBC helped fund terrorists,  Iran, and Mexican drug cartels – allowing them to launder money. A  whistle-blower, Everett Stern, CEO of Tactical Rabbit, alleged similar  claims, saying that banks like HSBC not only know, but have admitted to  doing business with companies that finance terrorists. More on the way  they finance terrorist later.

“Hezbollah  are not plotting against us (the United States)”, and that, “Hezbollah  are being targeted by the opposition who we (the US) are arming and  training,” Kerry, said.

 Then there is the video by Storm Clouds Gathering investigating who armed and trained ISIS titled “The Covert Origins of ISIS.“In  that video, Storm Clouds Gathering exposed a video of a FSA (Free  Syrian Army) commander Abd Al-Baset Tawila with direct ties to Al-Nusra  aka Al-Qaeda.In the video, Commander Tawila threatens the  international community demanding they give the FSA anti-tank/aircraft  weapons and admits that the FSA has ties to the radical extremist  Al-Nusra group that is labeled as a terrorist organization by the west.

“Regarding  the factions that the West wants to classify as terrorist organizations  – the Nusra Front – we believe that we can conduct a dialogue with  them.Interviewer: About what?Abd Al-Baset Tawila:  About the shape of the future state, about the possibility of  establishing a state that will suit everybody. We should cooperate and  conduct a dialogue. It is no secret that we have ties with everybody,  even the brothers in the Nusra Front, and we cooperate in many places.”

Tawila is then questioned further ” Can you specify who [prevents you from getting these weapons]?,” the interviewer asks.“Uncle Sam,” he replies. (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Interviewer: Who set this timetable?Abd Al-Baset Tawila: The superpowers.Interviewer: They set a timetable for the revolution?Abd Al-Baset Tawila: Yes.Interviewer:  So what you are saying is that these countries want to control the  timing of the victory of the revolution or the toppling of the regime?Abd Al-Baset Tawila: Yes.Interviewer: What is their aim?Abd Al-Baset Tawila:  Various agendas and schemes. I do not know all the details of these  schemes, but I can tell you that it is difficult for us to overcome the  timetable set for the revolution. Let me give you some evidence. The  weapons and ammunition that the FSA receives do not include  anti-aircraft or anti-tank weapons. We are unable to confront these  [tanks and aircraft] here.If we had received the quantity and  type of ammunition we needed in the battlefield from the outset of the  revolution, this regime would not have lasted more than a month or two.Interviewer: Can you specify who [prevents you from getting these weapons]?Abd Al-Baset Tawila: Uncle Sam.

Kerry’s off the record conversation was with two dozen ‘Syrian  civilians’, all from U.S. backed opposition-linked NGO’s in  education and medical groups working in ‘rebel-held’ areas in Syria. This opposition included ‘rescue workers,’ ambassadors from the White Helmets, a pseudo-NGO which serves as Washington and London’s primary PR front in pursuit of a “No Fly Zone” in Syria.The leader of the White Helmets, Raed Salah, was denied entry into the U.S.  at Washington’s Dulles International Airport and deported, due to  “extremist connections” while on his way to receive a humanitarian  relief award at a gala dinner hosted by USAID. 

When someone intervened on his travel ban was it John McCain or John Kerry?

Even more evidence on the subject is the infamous picture of John McCain with the FSA in 2012, seen below. The only problem with this photo is that it’s now known that the picture if real was (1) with ISIS press officer Abu  Mosa who was killed in August 2014,  and (2) if Mosa was there, the speculation that the other person in the photo was ISIS leader Abu Al-Baghdadi – pictured in the back left of  the photo – may also be true.

When one of John McCain’s staffer’s laptop was hacked by the Russian Pseudo Ukranian CyberBerkut groupan ISIS beheading video was exposed as being allegedly staged.Many experts called several videos of ISIS staged, saying that the lighting  doesn’t add up and looks like a studio. They even alleged that James Foley’s video was a fake, not saying that he wasn’t murdered but that the execution didn’t happen on camera

6 Reasons Why James Foley Beheading Video Could be Fake

Is ISIS Beheading Video Of 21 Egyptian Christians Fake? Film Experts Argue ‘Yes’

 However, McCain himself denies these allegations of the hack and picture in a press release  and claims that the photos are doctored and the hack is fake. The  original photo is below so let’s trace its origin using photo forensics. 

 According to photo forensics  the photo above did touch photoshop, foreseeable in its metadata. That  doesn’t necessarily mean that the photo is fake – it just means that it  did touch photoshop. Photos touch photoshop for a number of reasons  including lighting.  Take note, there are two other photos of McCain one  with al-Baghdadi in a room of people – if this is a photo hoax it is a  very sophisticated one.However even if the above photo is a fake  photoshop, as McCain asserts in his press release, the new Kerry audio  leak confirms that the U.S. did indeed support the rise of ISIS to  ultimately destabilize the Middle East.

Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today released the following statement on a new conspiracy theory spread online by Russian Internet trolls:“Vladimir  Putin’s army of Internet trolls has come up with another nutty  conspiracy theory to try to attack me for standing strong against  Russian aggression in Ukraine. Their latest crazy allegation is that  they hacked into one of my staffers’ laptops during a recent trip to  Ukraine and discovered video evidence that I staged ISIS beheading  videos in a TV studio.“This is just the latest lie spewing daily  from the Kremlin’s well-funded Internet propaganda operation, as was  recently exposed by The New York Times Magazine.  I have little doubt that last year’s widely debunked allegation that I  met with ISIL in Syria – including crudely doctored photos depicting me  with ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – originated in Russia. Just last  week, these same Russian propagandists attacked Senator Dick Durbin  (D-IL), a strong supporter of a free Ukraine, by forging a letter from  him purportedly trying to tell the Ukrainian prime minister how to run  his government.“Whether it means being sanctioned by Vladimir  Putin or the target of his wild conspiracy theories, I will always be  proud to stand up for freedom and human rights for the Russian people  and against Putin’s deadly aggression in Ukraine.”

As four-star U.S. General Wesley Clark said back in, 2007, there was an  insider plan to overthrow and invade seven countries – Iraq, Libya,  Sudan, Somalia, Iran within five years, and that plot has failed but was  clearly carried out to a large extent. Now John Kerry has confirmed  what we have already known – the U.S. military action and support for  “moderate rebels” Syria wasn’t about helping the Syrian people – it was  about regime change and overthrowing Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. 

But did we really need John Kerry to admit it? Another U.S. General  Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney has also previously come out alleging  that, “the U.S. helped build ISIS by backing the wrong types of people.” 

In 2015, Yousaf al-Salafia a Pakistani ISIS commander was captured and confessed to receiving funds routed through the U.S. to recruit militants to fight in the Syrian civil war.

An unconfirmed report, also from 2015, claims an Israeli General captured in Iraq confessed to an Israel-Isis Coalition.

On the U.S. side of things, how was all this accomplished? For that  answer, we turn to the Panama Papers and a whistle-blower, Lt. Scott  Bennett, who alleges the U.S. used 19,000 offshore Swiss bank accounts  to fund terrorist organizations in his report Shell Game. The Panama Papers leak revealed the CIA was using offshore Panama accounts to fund gun running – code named Operation Goldfinger. Further, the CIA was running arms smuggling teams  in Benghazi when the consulate was attacked. 

Just like with Operation  Fast Furious another gun smuggling operation in Mexico where the weapons  made their way into the U.S from Mexican cartels. The weapons they  smuggled into Libya probably made their way into the hands of Al-Qaeda  in Syria so that’s just further weapons that were given to terrorist. That we can not account for. 

Reuters had reported in 2012 that the FSA’s command was dominated by Islamic extremists, and the New York Times had reported that same year  that the majority of the weapons that Washington sent into Syria was  ending up in the hands of jihadists. For two years the U.S. government  knew and continued sending in arms. Then in June of 2014 the Telegraph  reported Al-Nusra merged with ISIS at the border between Iraq and Syria.

One solution to all of this proposed by Hawaii Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is literally called the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act.” Which nearly all of Congress except 13 people rejected what does that tell you?


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Just to add to the evidence against the White Helmets: USAID (through Chemonics) funds the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) to the tune of $22 million while the UK and Dutch also fund MayDay Rescue with a combined $34 million.


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