Yayyyyyyyy! i reach 7k followers!steemCreated with Sketch.

in news •  2 years ago 

Yayyyyyyyy! i reach 7k followers! All THANKS GOES TO YOU guys !!

Muah :P :D

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Congratulate man))

Yay you!! Good job and may you have continued success.


congrats :)

Congratulations - again :)
Let's see if I can send this comment before you reach 8k ;-)


Congratulations on your achievement.

Congratulations to you.

Wow, how long have you been on Steemit. I'm new. Hope you will check out my stories and help get them out to the Steemit community.

i'm on steemit from 1 year!
Sure i will be checking your stories!

Wow, I congratulate you much because know that is a work with full dedication. I hope a day I too have that quantity of followers as you. Well deserved



Congrats dude and more power!


That's awesome man. Care to share how long it took? I need to raise some followers :(

Thanks!, i'm on steemit from 1 year!



congrats! could you share tips on how you raise your followers? thank you~~~

Thanks!, i'm on steemit from 1 year!



  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Oh! you made 1k only for 3days.


Can I get an upvote

Congratulations. Its very cool.

Congratulationssssssssss!!!!! :)


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Congratulations, you earned it :)

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@ammadkhalid. Congratulation! What do you do to get that? I just got 43 followers. But I hope to grew up faster from now.
Have a nice day

Thanks Freind steemit have a nice day [email protected]

Awesome, congrats!! You can count another one ^^

All the best :)


@ammadkhalid congratulation.
When will i get it ??