He doesn't have to answer to them. I hate to say it, but that is the law that he is going to hide behind.

It just shows that he would rather get away with his crimes than face the music.

Zuckerburg has no respect for all of the people of the world forced to agree to his policy changes, when they don't understand how to interpret those policies. What is hate speech? What is fake news? If those questions can't be answered, how can an average person know if they want to agree to allow Zuckerburg to continue to redefine those policies however he chooses?

I really feel bad for all the people who have invested so much money into advertising their business on facebook that relies on their communities to connect and pitch sales. Now they cannot even reach their own contacts, who subscribed to them through ordinary means, even if they offer to pay for it, because they are blacklisted for hate speech or fake news.

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