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Monica Petersen was in Haiti working for the Human Trafficking Center and also previously worked for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force.

She died a few days ago under suspicious circumstances. Several close friends have made mentions on various FB posts that friends and family have no clear understanding of what happened to Monica except that she died on Sunday.

Earlier this year a FB friend of Monica re-shared a post ( by Monica where she linked to a blog post critical of Hillary Clinton's dealings in Haiti.

On August 2015 Monica posted on Facebook asking for info on sex trafficking in Haiti because she was heading there to help/investigate. Also shown in the screenshot above.

Another blog post written by Monica:

A good friend of Monica picked up a Reddit thread and posted it on her Facebook. This says quite a lot.

"It seems that Monica was in Haiti investigating the Clintons possible ties to a pedophile ring. Monica family hasn't been able to get any straight answers about her death."

Bella is also linking to the blog post previously found.

Someone messaged Bella. This was the answer:

One of her friends even wants to go down to Haiti to investigate.


I wonder If she routinely carried a gun or felt the need to? The second amendment is under attack by accused pedophiles in our government. That is shady even without her "suicide" which we all know was murder.

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