Vitalik Buterin moved from Switzerland to Asia- Singapore. And what about the Swiss office of the Etherium? ...

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The last three years, Vitalik Buterin lived in Switzerland, the city of Zug, where the Ethereum fund was registered.
Now Buterin will call his new homes - Singapore - the largest finteh - hub in Asia,
where he moved.

Singapore is known for its benevolent attitude towards innovation and lebiral ligulations,
like Zug-Switzerland where he used to live.
Here are the offices of known projects on the Etherium, like Digix, CodeTract, and Attores.

In a newspaper interview, Vitalik Buterin confessed that he had long wanted to move to Asia:
" We have long intended to establish a permanent base in Asia. Well, since I wanted most
of all this in our entire team, I am starting work in this direction".

Vitalik! And what about the Ethereum fund in Switzerland?
The Ethereum Foundation and its CEO, Ming Chang, remain in Switzerland.
So at the organizational level, everything will remain as before.


Singapore is weird. So innovative yet their government is certainly not about many human freedoms. Their strict laws against homosexuality and drug use are absolutely atrocious in today's society. I will never travel to their country until they wake up and smell the 21st century.

I am from Singapore.
There are complex geopolitical issues here.

It is good to stand out, but not so much that you make you neighbors uncomfortable. Changes and progress is being made. Come here, smell some durians :p

Great Switzerland!
Upvoted and followed you!

cheers from Zurich!


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