Who is Uncle Sam Arming: the Ukrainian Army with its Nazi Battalions or their Foes?!

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Contrary to the mainstream information, the arming and training of the Ukrainian army and its embedded different battalions like the Azov, Aidar, and other Nazi groups, has rapidly progressed throughout the past 8 years ever since Victoria Nuland was assigned the job of ruling Ukraine.


However, since the beginning of the Russian operation in Ukraine, NATO pumped into Ukraine more advanced weapons, or maybe just declaring publicly what they have delivered before covertly, to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars, some claims speak of billions of dollars worth of weaponry sent to presumably non-NATO in reality de facto NATO Ukraine.

This brings to our minds the arming of the various Jihadist groups in Syria with massive amounts of weapons and munition for over a decade despite knowing these groups are mostly terrorist groups, they will not win the war on Syria as it became obvious in 2016 with the liberation of Aleppo, and the aim is to destroy as much of the country and to 'create jobs in the western countries' in armament manufacturing business, not real productive useful businesses that help their countries, businesses meant to destroy other countries and sell those killing tools at very high prices at the cost of their own citizens, the willful taxpayers.

As in the case of Syria, the majority of weapons sent to Ukraine fell into the hands of the opposite party, in Syria, it's the Syrian army, and in Ukraine, it's the armies of Lugansk (Luhansk) and Donetsk.

'Thank you Uncle Sam for your generosity' the armies of the Lugansk and Donetsk are telling, and thank you for your generosity the Syrian army is telling, can you please send useful weapons that align with the ones we use instead of the NATO-issued weapons?! They add.

Army of Luhansk displaying some confiscated advanced weapons sent by the ever generous US taxpayers extending their thanks to #POTUS ...!

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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