Mainstream Media Partners in the War Crimes Committed by the Pentagon

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The Pentagon, the US 'Department of Defense' has not fought a defensive war since at least the past 100 years, the attacks we were told that dragged the USA into wars for it, Pearl Harbor and the September 11 attacks, have more controversy in them that makes one assert they were more like false-flags than real attacks, and by all means, they diminish in comparison to the response by the 'Department of Defense' against the alleged attackers.


To enable it to continue in its wars of aggression, the US's 'Department of Defense' has invested heavily in the mainstream media business, there are plenty of reports available online for those who seek to verify this information and the connections between the CIA, in particular, with a number of mainstream media outlets and individuals working in it.

This Pentagon's investment in the mainstream media has changed the role of these media outlets from critics of the government to partners in its crimes against the millions of innocent people of other countries across the planet who either lost their lives, lost their beloved ones, lost limbs from their bodies, became homeless and internally displaced, and became a burden on host countries as refugees.

The evil and criminal role of the mainstream media, especially the US and UK-based ones in addition to the likes of the Qatari Al Jazeera, was very clear for us, the Syrian people living in Syria. This is being exposed to the western public, very little after the prolonged years of the vicious war waged against us by the USA and all those in its camp from Israel to ISIS including all of NATO countries, the Gulf monarchs, and countries as far as Japan, all based on and justified by news reports they were bombarded by the mainstream media depicting the wrong narrative of the events in our country where they managed to turn the victims into the criminals and the criminals into noble life saviors.

It really hurts that until this very day, 11 years after the war started against us, the vast majority of our fellows in humanity in the west not only continue to believe the Pentagon's narrative on what's happening in Syria, they are believing the same about what's happening in other countries as narrated by the same mainstream media outlets, they could only continue lying because they were never held accountable for the previously uncovered lies they participated in which not only caused unimaginable suffering in the targeted countries, the US taxpayers are footing the bill and the US soldiers illegally sent to our countries are killed and maimed as well.

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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