Australia Angered by Chinese Navy Ship off its Coast, Why?!

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Australian minister of defense Peter Dutton described the deployment of a Chinese warship as a 'show of aggression'; the Chinese navy ship was simply 'asserting navigation rights in international waters' but that was totally unacceptable to the Australians.

chinese navy ship.jpg
A Dongdiao Class Auxiliary Intelligence ship was seen off Australia's coast

Those same Australians called a security pack between China and the Solomon Islands a threat to their national security, even though the Solomon Islands are about 3280 kilometers off the Australian coast.

Let those two incidents sink in for a moment then decide whether they're acceptable justifications by a de facto member of NATO or at least one of the US's loudest lapdogs in the world, especially when it comes to matters of national security.

If you came up to the conclusion that those two incidents provoked by Australia are acceptable, can you tell us how Russia's operation to disarm Ukraine is not acceptable? For comparison, Ukraine borders Russia and is not some thousands of miles away from it.

Ukraine's quest to join NATO was seen as an existential threat to Russia, especially since NATO declares Russia as an enemy, just because the country is big enough and controls massive resources; on the other hand, neither the Solomon Islands nor China declares Australia as an enemy state, nor any of them pose any direct threat to Australia's national security.

When it comes to international laws, national security of countries, and military pacts, one has to see with both eyes, one-eyed observations and one-sided views lead to wars and unnecessary losses of human lives.


Screenshot from 2022-05-16 13-23-35.png
"The British plan was to assert navigation rights in the Black Sea in support of Ukraine - The Guardian"

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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They don't see others as equal to them because they still have the mentality of their colonial grandfathers, once they get out of this sick mentality and come to reality the world will be peaceful, no signs of them getting to reality any time soon.

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