MEDICAL CONJECTURE- Secretary Clinton likely has late stage Syphilis

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 Evaluation of symptoms and leaked medical records suggests that Secretary Clinton is indeed suffering from severe medical symptoms.  This is evidenced by the fact that she had to leave the 9/11 memorial event initially claiming that she was overheated and dehydrated.

Further inspection of the event shows that her feet actually go limp, indicating Secretary Clinton is no long able to walk on her own, and likely has passed out. She was ultimately hoisted into her vehicle. You can see it more clearly in the following video.

The campaign has suggested that she is currently suffering from Pneumonia, which is a highly contagious bacterial infection primarily of her lungs.  This could easily explain her coughing fits and general poor health, but it fails to address many of the strange neurological behaviors that have been spotted recently as well as other symptoms.  It also doesn't explain why she is willing to take a photo op with a child with a highly contagious infection.



A doctor on site with Secretary Clinton appears to walk through motor skills tests associated with standard procedure while attempting to diagnose neurological disorders on 9/11.

Additionally, it appears that Secretary Clinton is wearing anti-seizure lenses.  These glasses are allegedly Zeiss Z-1 Blue lenses she wore on 9/11, and are used to treat photosensitive epilepsy/seizures.  These lenses are not available in the United States and they were likely special ordered from Italy or Germany.

Despite allegations by CNN that labels anyone who that looks for medical issues is the “new birther” some things appear worth investigating?  

It seems relevant to look into as many places for information as possible.  The treasure trove of emails revealed by Wikileaks with allegedly murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich as the likely source of that information contains an email by Huma Abedin that clearly states that Hillary is suffering from "life threatening" Right Transverse Sinus Thrombosis (RTST) back in 2012 in response to the concussion she suffered.   The diagnosis of sinus thrombosis lead to chronic anticoagulation therapy.  The original fall was publicly attributed to gastroenteritis aka stomach flu.

There is a medical doctor who started anonymously, but then shared his face and story that in his medical opinion as an observer without medical records and not her primary doctor that she’s likely suffering from Parkinsons. 

Primary evidence includes- 

  • Huma stating she is “often confused.”
  • HRC demonstrates classic Parkinson's Disease hand posturing.
  • HRC demonstrates bizarre head-bobbing
  • HRC demonstrates bizarre wide eyed and open mouthed stare during the balloon drop
  • HRC freezes with wide eyes that are don’t move in the same direction 
  • HRC freezes when protesters interrupt her campaign speech and needs to be talked down by her handler to continue

The symptoms of Parkinson’s can also occur in patients suffering from Meningitis.  One cause of meningitis is syphilitic aseptic meningitis aka syphilis.  This diagnosis can match just about every symptom exhibited by Secretary Clinton that isn’t explained simply by individual diagnosis of parkinson's, pneumonia, dementia, or dehydration.  

Common early stage symptoms include flu or stomach flu.  Later stage symptom (taking 3 years or more to ramp up) include tongue lesions (image below), coughing, fainting, seizures, dementia, brief personality changes, incontinence, and others.  

In other words, a full diagnosis that can account for the strange tongue lesions, Parkinson's like behavior, nearly constant mucous and coughing, suggestion she wears pant suits to cover a catheter, and decades of rumors of sexual proclivity out pacing Bill Clinton would be late stage or tertiary syphilis that has spread throughout her entire body.

Read about Meningeal syphilis here.

General symptoms of Meningeal syphilis include-

  •  symptoms of meningitis can occur at any time after the infection
  • however, it usually appears within two years
  • symptoms may include headache, stiff neck, cranial nerve palsies, convulsions, and mental confusion
  • patient is afebrile


General symptoms of neurosyphilis

  • Personality change
  • Ataxia
  • Stroke
  • Visual Impairment
  • Bladder incontinence
  • Hearing Loss
  • Seizures
  • Headache

General signs of neurosyphilis

Here is a recent case study for a patient presenting Parkinson’s symptoms because of tertiary aka neurosyphilis.

Here and here are recent case studies for a patient presenting Parkinson's symptoms because of teriary aka nuerosyphilis.

Here's another site that lists Parkinsons symptoms as a possible result from syphillis.

"A wide variety of movement disorders have been observed in association with neurosyphilis. A sensory ataxia from involvement of the posterior columns is the most common form of ataxia, but ataxia may also result from cerebellar infarction. Parkinsonism has been presumed to be the consequence of syphilitic involvement of the midbrain and may be associated with Argyll-Robertson pupils, frontal release signs, and psychiatric symptoms. Other movement disorders described with syphilis include myoclonus, hemiballismus, dystonia, hemichorea, and corticobasal syndrome (Shah and Lang 2012)."

Here’s an article that talks about about the steps to diagnosing Parkinsons disease and it includes the step of checking for tertiary syphilis to rule that out of the cause of Parkinsons like symptoms. 

Looking at all of the symptoms in parallel along with leaked documents, readily available images, and taking into account unofficial patient history tertiary syphilis is consistent throughout.  

Here's my spoken analysis-


For the record- Me and my family are in perfect health.  We're happy people who love one another.  There are no plans for suicide anywhere in the near future.  Also, our cars are not known to spontaneously erupt in fire.  Lastly, I'm just a guy on the internet looking at information who has very limited medical training.  Everything I found was available on line in separate locations.  I claim no insider knowledge.


Good analysis. Facts. Not the nonsense disseminated by the Hoodwink Brigade. This is a critical situation for which there are no immediate remedies. In the remote case that HK wins the elections and then starts konking out the question of WHO is responsible for this macabre charade will surface with obvious constitutional questions. Do we want that?

I would also say that the woman that walked out of the hotel under her own power without security surrounding her or any of her handlers especially after just collapsing is not Hillary. More than likely is a body double. What do you think @aggroed ?

I don't know. What do you think?

nothing see here, both faces have their birth mark (mole). She is showing advance signs of Parkinson decease, but then again unless she releases her medical transcripts, our assessment about her condition is absolute.

So it looks like you agree. Are you doing these comparisons or getting them from somewhere?

Yes those are 2 different people. Different ears, different earrings from the same day photo, different hairlines, different wrinkles, different neck.

I think it's in the realm of possibility that they are using a double. I'm not convinced yet. I'm scrolling through the trending term of #hillarysbodydouble on twitter to find those images.

Oh wow you are right. Too funny. Also the fingers being different sizes is a good catch too in one of the posts. This certainly is an interesting "selection" year.

Reality is stranger than fiction