We didn't need Donna Brazile to tell us the election was rigged, We LONG knew that

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Donna Brazile's admission that the DNC is broken and that the Clinton campaign usurped both the finances and strategy of the party is just another coffin nail in the identity politics pushing Democratic party and the reputation the self-proclaimed champion of women, Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks made it clear that the DNC never wanted Bernie to win the primary with the release of John Podesta's emails. But let's not forget that the DNC itself was out in the open admitting that the delegate system was set up to never allow someone from outside the party's very tight inner circle to come in and take the nomination.

Right as the 2016 election cycle started to get hot, then DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz explained to Jake Tapper live on CNN that the delegate system would push out any candidate that the DNC insiders had no desire to see as the nominee. Her live admission came right after Bernie Sanders crushed Clinton in the Wyoming democratic caucus by a margin of 12% but ended up in defeat due to the vote of the superdelegates.

So, while the media and the DNC itself ran with the hoax that democracy was being played out in our "fair" elections here in the United States, the process of electing a nominee was never fair and was totally anti-democratic.

The rigging in the primary election wasn't only unique with the DNC, the RNC also had its shady happenings. If you can recall, during the primary the Republican Party of Colorado never let the public vote. Instead, they handed Ted Crews all the delegates by using arcane election rules to shut down the democratic process.

Nick Bernabe broke all this down very well in an article for the Anti-Media that was published in April, 2016. Give it a read HERE.

What Could/Needs to Happen

As the Democratic party goes down in flames and the 2016 election cycle has lead the public to question the integrity of both the two-party system and how their nominees come to be, it is now the perfect time for a 3rd and 4th party to step into the ring.

This will be no easy task as the mainstream media that has perpetuated this duopoly will continue the fight to preserve its power but the current collapse that is taking place at the DNC is leaving room for others to enter.

Perhaps now is the time for the libertarian party to step up its game and tap into the psyche of the American Public who (for the growing part) are longing for a smaller government. The libertarians need to run a legit candidate to make this happen. They can not roll out another Gary Johnson who thinks by spewing duopoly party talking points will get him ahead. A true libertarian must step up and interject the freedom philosophy into the mainstream.

If it is not the Libertarian Party that steps up to take a foothold where the DNC once was, I can see the republican party is ripe with the opportunity for those who lean libertarian to make their way into the RNC.

All I know is that right now is a perfect time for the small government movement to infiltrate American mainstream politics.


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