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in news •  10 months ago

Since the beginning of last year, at least 11 then-current and former mayors have been accused of child sex abuse-related crimes, shedding a light on the complete moral degradation of the political class in the United States.

The 11 accounts are documented in an article published yesterday in the Daily Caller which you can read HERE.

The most recent mayor to go under for pedophilic activity is Seattle Mayor Ed Murray who resigned on Wednesday after a fifth man publicly accused the Democrat of molesting him as a child.

(Ed Murray)

Pedo mayors getting busted is now a trend in the US. This is a part of the greater political culture that is infested with politicians who are totally disconnected from reality.

It is an absolute embarrassment to these sections of the US who have been run by these perverts and it is looking like this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pedo politicians.

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Why does this happen so much? It's like as soon as you become political, you start going to pedo parties.


Candidates are selected, not elected. They are selected based on the ability of their handlers to control them. People who have skeletons in their closet or disgusting weaknesses are extremely easy to control. That's why we see so many of these predators in office. They are there on purpose as puppets, not leaders. They are there to do the bidding of their masters, not us.