What the F*** Is Going On?!

in news •  last year

Apocalyptic weather continues to spike all across the globe. From the US to Argentina to Europe, chaos is being unleashed ALL AROUND US! How much more pounding can the world take before its inhabitants chose to see the holy light of Christ? Archbishop William Scoggins is here to keep you up to date on the latest events.
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There's gotta be something more here. This isn't natural ;)

You did amazing again, sir. Unfortunately, the people still refuse to repent.

How many more signs and chastisements does the world need before they CHOOSE to wake up? How much longer must this continue before the New Kingdom can be brought to this planet??

God is handing out the justice hard now, nobody is immune, not even his family that he loves very much. The Lord is not bias, and dispite the fact that he loves his own family and others, he will not hesitate to dish out the royal spankings. From weather related to disease and bugs, all things are his to use as chastisement to those who are not doing right.

Tell 'em brother! Our Lord is not here for sunshine and unicorn fart, he's judging entire nations and sadly, America chooses to be found wanting.

It is definitely by the hand of God thing through his son !
hand of god.gif

Lord RayEl's taking them by storm