The End of America - Intelligence Report

in news •  last year

As the final countdown to mass chaos ticks closer to midnight, with WWIII igniting and America's end on the brink, your life will be dependent on how prepared you are for the Grand Finale. Make sure you and your loved ones have an updated survival plan, with enough food, water, and supplies to last as the End of Days unfolds.

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While specific instructions have come from Lord RayEl regarding these times, it is a mercy that preparation is encouraged as a small hope for those failing the highest prerogatives set forth.

Yes, prepare while you can.


I agree 1,000%

Anyone who lives in America needs to watch this! There's no excuse to continue living in America, and disobeying our Lord's directives.


Disobeying directives from the Lord is not a smart thing to do...

Love this video!


Thanks for supporting our work!

Hopefully, a wave of sense will wipe over the world.

Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Repentance in the name of RayEl is the best <3

A preview of some of ABN's best work. I love it!

A great deal of intel has slipped out there with evidence so it is not difficult to believe at this point .. at this point it is a choice to be ignorant.

An excellent production, thanks for sharing!

I get a feeling or urgency from this... the world leaders are not telling the masses directly..they are letting them just figure it out and by then it is too late!