Has WWIII Begun?

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Friday night, the US with the support of Britain, and France launched 105 missiles on a Syrian base. No casualties reported.

These missile strikes came after deliberation from Trump over the chemical weapons attack from Syria on their own people. Even though this was a false flag event to poke them into attacking Syria, Trump took the bait, endangering the entire country. Alex Jones was absolutely shocked and appalled by the President's actions.

Not long after, a huge explosion took place at an Iranian Base in Aleppo. Syria and Russia are blaming Israel, and Iran will only be taking advantage of that to strike Israel. Taking place yesterday, a phone call between Putin and Hassan Rouhani. The following is a summary of the call that was released by the Kremlin.

The two leaders exchanged opinions on the situation following missile strikes carried out by the United States and their allies on Syrian territory. The presidents stated that this illegitimate action has seriously damaged the prospects for a political settlement in Syria.
Vladimir Putin, in particular, emphasised that if such actions continue in violation of the UN Charter, this will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations.
They also discussed the overall state of affairs in the Middle East, including the situation in Yemen.
Both sides expressed their interest in the further development of Russian-Iranian multilateral cooperation and in the expansion of mutually beneficial links in trade and economic spheres.


China has also said they will back Russia in whatever they decide to do. On the financial front, the two partners are attempting to topple the dollar, as Trump recently tweeter:


The last thing we will bring up today is that Warships loaded with tanks and military supplies spotted leaving Turkey for Syria.


Are you prepared for what is coming? Have you sworn fidelity to Lord RayEl? Best to submit now, the escalation will only take so long before everything pops...

Please post your comments in the replies section below.

Have a very nice day!

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I'll be surprised if this conflict fizzles out.

The Lord could easily settle this whole debacle if they would consult him in this regard... but no they just want war... cause war makes money. In the end, it all boils down to greed.

The stage has been set, and unfortunately, it looks like there is no turning back from this heinous performance.

oh my, so much happening at once

Wow, everything is happening at once!!!

Syria has become a soap opera.

Here we go!