Escalation Inside Syria Full-Scale War About To Break

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If you have been following the news then you will know that Russia has resumed airstrikes in Idlib, Syria.

There is something much bigger though brewing in the middle east


As tensions rise in the Middle East, Russia is forming an alliance with the major super powers. They have already formed their own banking system ditching the U.S. Dollar as their reserve currency.


What does this mean? It means that these super powers no longer fear Economic collapse if the Dollar fails or if America is completely destroyed. It means that if major war breaks out with the United States that their economies are secure and safe. This puts America in a very dangerous situation because they no longer have any sway or leverage over these other countries. Russian and China are already preparing for a direct confrontation with America.

Russia has deployed all of its Navy to the Meditteranean Sea. China has modernized its navy and now has more vessels than the U.S. Navy does. According to the New York Times, China is ready to challenge the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Ocean. China also has more troops than the U.S. does and they are backed by Russia. These two in alliance alone is very scary until you mention all of the other countries that are in Alliance with them and you will soon realize how terrifying the situation is for America.


At the same time the U.S. has reactivated the 2nd fleet bound for the Arctic which is currently where Russia has their Arctic base set up. Keep this in mind that this fleet was in retirement. They are preparing for war with Russia.


This is not good and if anyone is truly paying attention then they see the writing on the wall. Russia and China no longer fear the United States and are allies together. It is because of this alliance that is the reason why their courage is soaring. Expect full-scale war to break out soon.

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There is also much more going on than what is mentioned in this article.

There's loads going on, but I feel like we've seen it before. It all comes down to if these world leaders decide to make a real move or not. They're playing chess right now.

What we all have been saying is now in the title! "War About To Break"

The end fast approaches.

Reactivating the second fleet should raise some eyebrows