Internet VS real world news

in news •  5 months ago

Now a day we are all living in the internet era where we spend more time on the internet rather than on television. In our daily life, we can see lots of people are always on the mobile phone and in-home they are on the internet on their PC.
Even you are reading this article already on your PC. Old times people relate television with awareness but this time scenario is changed now the internet has come in that place. Last two decade is total dominance by internet power. According to Apptopia, China has the world largest users of the Internet which is more than the population of USA and Brazil combined. So when we talk about news, some website give us Country news and political and Financial news of this planet but we don't have internet news channel which only gives us internet world news. News about your favourite internet celebrity and online game competition, Crypto market trends and upcoming technology and internet trending topics. There is plenty of news website on the internet they also update some internet news but the main focus of these websites are always into the world real life news not into internet world news. So we need INTERNET NEWS WEBSITE where we can update about upcoming web series or controversy between internet celebrities and about Crypto market trends.

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