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The US has warned the North Korean dictator that if he wins the war due to his missile test, then he will completely ruin it. The US has also appealed to all countries to end economic and diplomatic relations with North Korea to stop the nuclear program. North Korea, on Tuesday night, challenged InDirectory America by testing the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) in the sea of ​​Japan. The 13,000-km-range missile could target 'Hwasong-15' in any of America's areas including Washington. World at the mouth of the rust ...

  • US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley in the United Nations Conference on Emergency Meeting called to discuss the launch of North Korea's Missile Launch, "We never wanted war with North Korea nor did we want it today. But what the dictator of North Korea did yesterday, the whole world has stood at the mouth of war. If there is war, the North Korean rule will be completely eliminated. '
  • After the missile testing, the US, Japan, and South Korea appealed to the UN Council to call for an emergency meeting.
    Demand for banning ...
    Nikki Haley said, "North Korean dictator is constantly testing new and powerful missiles. He is also moving forward in keeping the functional nuclear weapons. In this way, we appeal to all countries to break their diplomatic relations with North Korea. Also, eliminate military, scientific and technical cooperation and trade relations. Put all North Korea employees out of their respective countries. "

    Donald Trump talks to China ...
    American President Donald Trump on Wednesday called on the Chinese President Jinping on the telephone to increase pressure on North Korea. Trump requested to stop the supply of crude oil from China to North Korea. Significantly, China has been a life line of North Korea since its inception and has always been financially helping.
    So America is bothered ...


    The new missile tested by North Korea is far bigger, powerful and dangerous. According to the analyst, the pictures of this test show that this new missile went up to a height of about 4475 km. At present, the International Space Station is located up to 10 times the height. Before falling to the sea near Japan, it remained in the sky for about 53 minutes, and during this time it covered 950 km.

  • **Research Associate Michael Deutsman in the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies posted in his analysis on Twitter, "It is a very big missile. These sizeable missiles can only be made a few countries, and in this way, North Korea has also joined these countries. "Significantly, many US cities have also come in the jade of this missile.
    What has North Korea done so far?
    North Korea has done 6 nuclei tests so far.
    In April this year, Kim Jong-he had fired live in the sea. It was called North Korea's largest military adventure so far.
  • In April, at the time of North Korea Day, they had demonstrated the power of arms in the parade.
  • North Korea has done 21 missile tests in 2 years. Only 4 of these failed.
    In 6 years, Kim Jong has conducted 43 Short Range, 13 Medium, 10 Cruise, 6 Inter Continental Missile and 4 Atomy Tests.
    North Korea has conducted 150 missile and nuclear tests in the past 33 years. Over half of these, Kim Jong has been in his reign.**
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