Counter-intuitive Battle Tactics

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Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been more than a month since my last post....

Ok, jesting aside. I have been absent for a few weeks from posting but I have tried to log in every day and play a few rounds, experimenting with new battle tactics and monster combinations. I hope you all do the same.

Today I want to look at a battle breakdown. This match was in a Gold II league and I am working on an Earth Splinter daily quest. The battle format is "Back to Basics" which is when Monsters lose all their abilities and a limiting 13 mana cap.

The intuitive direction is to put a high melee high life (or life and shield) Monster in the Tank position. With no other abilities let that creature absorb and dole out maximum damage. There is a counter-intuitive game tactic to front load a collection of small Monsters with either Magic or Ranged Monsters in the rear doing the damage.

Let's look at the setup:
2020-03-15 (4).png

I've started with my 0 mana Furious Chicken, followed by the 1 mana Brownie, and 1 mana Creeping Ooze. My point is that I am three Monsters deep and have only spent 2 mana. The I have the 3 mana Earth Elemental which gives me 1 range and 6 health and finally the 5 mana Javelin Throwerwith her 2 range and 4 health. The final spot really being the best bang for the 5 mana I had left to allocate.
2020-03-15 (4).png

Going into Round Two I was not feeling confident about this tactical decision. As you see my opponent still has all his Monsters while I have lost my first two. But that is the point. Stalling those range hitters from reaching the front line.

2020-03-15 (4).png

Drifting into Round Three the tables are turning a bit in my favor. The Earth Elemental is rendered passive in the tank position but Javelin Thrower has 4 speed so it goes first killing the Kobold Miner and bringing the equally powerless Fire Demon to make a last stand.

2020-03-15 (4).png

and that's where it ends.

Like all gaming tactics sometimes it will work sometimes it won't. Keep experimenting and let me know what tactics work for you.

Of note here, this is an non-leveled account - straight out of the box. Entry level Summoner AND Monsters with no gold foil. My point is that on strategy and selection (and some luck) you can play in at LEAST the Gold league without any outside investment.

Always remember to have fun and Play On!!!



My experience is that at Novice and Bronze level, Water Magic is strongest in Back to Basics. Starting around Silver league, Earth becomes the best choice. At the highest levels, Earth Rennyn ranged is generally the best but Water Valnamor magic can sometimes win and sometimes Selenia ranged. However, the introduction of Mimosa Nightshade does shake things up a bit.

I agree with your breakdown. The question I was examining was large tank in the starting position or low mana low stats meat shields with ranged and magic from the back row doing the damage.

hey, im trying to learn how to earn monsters and use my other coins to buy, any advice ?

How long have you been playing?

just started friday night i think

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