Today's Weed News for August 22nd 2018 #NEWJERSEY

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For today's weed news we go to the great state of New Jersey.

Steve Sweeney, New Jersey State President just predicted that his state will have legal recreational marijuana by this September!

In a recent interview with Politico, Sweeney said "I'm confident we'll get to 21 and 41 votes" referring to the 21 Senate votes and 41 Assembly votes necessary to pass the latest recreational legalization and MMJ expantion measures in New Jersey.

The State President believes that some Republicans who have previously come out against weed have changed their minds and will support the measures. He cited last month's order by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to halt all cannabis-related prosecution's until September, as an example of just that.

Sweeney also voiced his opinion about implementing lower taxes on legal trees than Governor Murphy's proposed 25% saying "I don't want the tax rate to be 25%, because then you're going to keep the black market alive... If you tax it too high, you incentivize people to use the black market because you raise the price too high," Sweeney told Politico.

It looks like New Jersey is really stepping their game up. If more Republican lawmakers really do turn out in support of recreational weed, Sweeney's prediction might actually come true in just a few short weeks.

Back in March, New Jersey doubled the legal amount that a medical marijuana patient can purchase per month from 2 to 4 oz. At the same time they also expanded their list of qualifying conditions to include anxiety, migraines and pain among others.

Are you ready Garden State?


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25 % tax does seem a little high but I would pay it if it meant that I could by weed at a store.

I hope he is right. As more states legalize it becomes harder for other states to justify keeping it illegal.

Texas is the one that needs help, I think. They can't put it on the ballot because their system does not allow for it so it has to be done in state house and senate which is a problem. I do think that once a highly populated and deeply red state turns green, it will be the death blow to cannabis prohabition. It will stop it from seeming like a right vs. left issue and a lot of people who oppose it because "that's what the other side wants" will stop caring.


Word. I feel like the whole ban on owning guns if you use cannabis also plays a big role in TX. But there's too much $$$ in legal weed, they will catch up eventually.


Yeah that might be an issue but I am pretty sure all they have to do is lie on the background check. Those things usually only look at criminal history so I don't know how they would know which drugs a person uses.

I think there may a way to use that law to our advantage though. It might be a fruitful way of drumming up support for legalization among groups that have traditionally opposed it. It is a matter of how it is framed. If it is put to them by saying that the government says that it can take your rights away for having this plant, they may develop a personal stake in the issue even if they don't particularly care about because prohibition starts to look like a threat to their pet cause.

I think there is more room for unity on drug law reform than a lot of people realize. People want to make it fit into this right/left paradigm but I see it as the authoritarians vs. everyone else. With cleaver "marketing," it may be possible to form an unusually diverse political coalition that would be willing to support fixing this broken system.