LYNX Chain is Launched ON NEWDEX. Buy and Sell LYNX EOSIO main net with EOS directly

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You can now buy and sell LYNX on the LYNX chain an independent EOSIO main net like telos or WAX. Lynx has their own easy to use Wallet that work with EOS Telos Wax and now their own LYNX chain


Join the LYNX telegram here to learn more about token swaps, and how you can earn free LYNX playing games like Alien Invasion

Maybe you can win so much that your told to go wait in the corner like @eosusa michael here

You can actually Win LYNX tokens FREE for playing games in LYNX wallet and I have seen people reporting substantial winnings in the double digits for a silly mobile game. This shows the promise of LYNX chain and its flagship product the Lynx Wallet which grants you access to MORE of their advanced games and products of the future, like Dgoods for example (Not steems Dgoods a new gaming wallet system for in game items etc)



Thanks for the Lynx listing. I hold some Lynx. Happy to trade on Newdex

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Newdex Party in newdexchat! and Datajunky can spare you 1 Free NDX for showing up :)

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