I Have Been Recommended By @Ackza To Become A West African Newdex Influencer

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Newdex is the first smart decentralized exchange which is EOS.IO based. It is the World's leading decentralized exchange and it's level of reliability has attracted users to it. A local token called NDX is now available on Newdex and our very own Steem will soon be listed. Newdex is an exchange worth celebrating, and it would be extremely impactful if the exchange takes up the responsibility of having West African Influencers. For this reason, A West African Newdex community with Ghana and Nigeria as the areas of concentration is soon going to be established. This idea is being put forward by @ackza and this will pave way for Africans to immensely understand Crypto ethics and Crypto Trading. More tokens will be added to Newdex's listings in the future owing to this exotic idea. Plans are being made for the Yensesa token to be added already.

I will stand as one of Newdex West Africa Influencers at any time if given the chance and I will do well to always represent the exchange platform and uphold their name at all times as they truly deserve that. A big thanks to @ackza for the recommendation.

Visit Newdex's Official Channels:
Telegram: https://t.me/newdexchat
Twitter: @NewdexOfficial
Website: http://newdex.io
Discord: https://discord.gg/zXf9Rpq

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Thank you!
Thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting newdex! Steem is an important reservoir of blockchain talent, investors and developers. We are discussing the possibility of getting NDXp pegged asset on steem-engine so we can airdrop and more easily reach out to the steem community with our token.

Ask @ackza for some NDX to help distribute to more users in your region

@citimillz I would like you to distribute a lot of NDX so please keep 100 and distribute 1000 to people and ill send you more when your done and make a post showing you giving at least 10 different people 100 NDX or more if you want

We can even start inviting people to discord and telegram parties where we go on voice chat and hand out the tokens all at once and ensure tehers at least $1 USD worth when we do it and get 20 to 30 people at a time etc

Heres 1100 NDX sent to your telegram account via @tipitbot and https://t.me/NewdexChat by @datajunky aka @eoswatchdogs

Consider it done brother! @ackza

Thanks a lot @newdex-io. I appreciate! Will try my best to keep spreading word about Newdex to as many Africans as possible!

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nice man i need to get that $1 upvote with 100K delegation from @challengedac soon and we can upvote all #sandiego #chl and #newdex posts !

Yeah! We need the SP delegation for the projects to move forward

upvoted and resteemed and i hope you get lots of the old Ghana and Nigeria crew from steem on newdex like @xpency @tj4real @mcsamm and @anaman @kwakumax @kofpato crew

thanks so much! Yea... This project will surely get old Steemians back on board.