VinFast - a new car brand

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VinFast - a new car brand from Vietnam debuts in Europe. At first,
The automotive salon in Paris begins in a few weeks. The completely new brand VinFast will debut there, whose headquarters are in Vietnam. The manufacturer has big ambitions and wants to sell cars in Europe

Two models will be shown in the Paris salon - SUV and sedan. Both projects belonging to the Vietnamese brand VinFast were created in cooperation with the Italian studio Pininfarina. Interestingly, the technologies developed by BMW are hidden under the bodywork of these cars.
Under the hood was installed a supercharged gasoline engine developed by engineers from the Bavarian company. The N20 series offers two power variants: 175 hp (300 Nm) and 227 hp (350 Nm). The engine is not equipped with the Valvetronic system, which has not been licensed. Both variants work with an 8-speed, automatic transmission. Vietnamese cars will be driven on the rear axle or all wheels


more on-,88389,23945502,vinfast-nowa-marka-samochodow-z-wietnamu-debiutuje-w-europie.html


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