IT'S A MANIC SUNDAY: An unpleasant but necessary task

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I get up early today to catch the morning sunrise at my rooftop, planning to get a good vibe of energy for the day. Yet some sort of indolence has caused me terrible falling and grogginess, perhaps I must need extra ZZZs that will wake me up exponentially. So instead, I sit on my favorite couch, sipping a cup of coffee trying to boost my mood and do a little stretching. Then I grab some comic magazine reading funny quotes just to hype up my spirit. This is my morning routine every Sunday to start things up for the day.

Planning the chores is tough to keep me going regularly. There are plenty of objectives to attain, family necessities to prepare. Since it's Sunday, I’ve a reason to rest and be lazy the whole day but never it happen as time goes by.

I grab my laptop and type anything that comes up to my mind. It seems like my midst of thoughts was empty and no single idea or words come out. Maybe I'm feeling dull and tedious since I got up.


I began to tweak my little garden. Flowers bloom and seedlings are sprouting everywhere. I transplanted them to the new pot and give them a place to renew vibrancy.


Outside, I'm able to pick some guava fruits in my little farm haha. Kinda wondering how I regained my laziness during the day? Well, my little garden and my little farm truly emulsify me from state of being dreary. It’s a perfect activity to ramp-up things and get moving. Suddenly my mood swiftly changed with full of peps and perks.

Sunday is my market day as well, checking food stocks are my routine task for household consumption. I usually prepare my favorite menu everytime we gather together every off day and consider it a special day for all of us.

Apart from it, I will never forget to mention my three mischievous pet dogs hanging around and cuddling me after I bathe them. “The gentle nudge of a wet nose or a lick on the hand comes unbidden when we're upset and feeling down”, it is called unconditional love of pets. It gives me comfort and alleviation from distress.

My major chores to attain during Sunday is to inspect my home for some cracks, leaks or unstable parts that needs repair, and other items that aren't anchored. I see to it beforehand that we always prepare the hamper of typhoon visiting us often every year and we can't predict the scenarios if or may cause us harm. I hate leaks in a roof, making me irritable when I look at it, so I’ve patch it with sealant, water proofing paint before the coming of rainy season.

So much work done at home during Sunday and just for this day, reserved energy is needed for a knock-out round. Tomorrow is another day's work to prepare, roaming again in stream of heavy traffic on road.

What about you? How do you spent Sunday at home? Comments are welcome below.

Thanks for reading.

Love y'all,



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