it takes a WILL to pursue your DREAMS. Patience is the name of the Game -a realtalk-

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A popular saying say "if theres a will theres a way but if your not willing there would always be an excuse".
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Your will to determines your Goals in the future, was always about YOU, on how you interact every situation you are in, for it was known since we are born that trials are lifes bread and butter.
achieving from trials is a reward, a growth, a maturity. Step by step as we journey we have discovered ourself who are we? and what is our purpose. Life is like a puzzle you cannot see the whole picture not until you put all puzzle in correct place. Sometimes i have ask my self why i am so dumb? why i cannot solve this problem, it seems this problem keeps on coming back maybe because i wasnt make it right, maybe i am too in hurry to achieve what i want without thinking the consequences of my actions. failure is too painful it crush us, suffering from the consequences is not easy but as long as the sun shines there would be always time to makes things correct. There is no shortcut it always go in the path called process.. all we need to do is be patiently keep on going, no matter how long we took , but as long as we surely make it rather than taking a shortcut route but indeed up mess.
I Learned my lesson very well. Everyday we are learning from our experiences it makes us grow and strong. God allows it happen to us because someday we can find someone who happens to be in the same shoes we have came from, we can be encourager to them and we can be able to share how we cope the situation.
In lifes decesion make it slowly but surely.. take one step at a time.

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