The need for greed and the domination dilemma : my pondering begins

The Need for Greed and the Domination Dilemma

Part One: My Pondering Begins

This topic comes from my List - feel free to check out the post to see what other specific ideas I would like to investigate.

There are quite a few concepts I need to dig into and dissect. I don't really know why, other than for my own personal understanding. I don't feel like discovering truths will instantly make the lies untie. There is not my hope in attempts to change these systems. They are parasitic entities deeply ingrained into humans... for some reason.. well most humans technically. I know there is a percentage of the population who don't buy into everything but majority rules unfortunately.

There are so many incidents and reoccurring patterns I want to explore as I research this. It almost seems like an impossible task because there are so many variables and concepts inside these "emotions", "characteristics" - I mean what is it actually that drives a person to hunger for power over another? Some think it's a chemical imbalance, a mental issue or even the devil/evil spirits. I will delve into each one of those I think; check out the perspective, studies, history.

PSA : I think one of the best mind frames to strive towards is one of openness. I truly see beliefs and the systems in which they function as detrimental to exploring reality. If you wish to uncover the true flow of the world you have to examine every angle with equal curiosity. You must try to form no opinion beforehand and agree to accept evidence as it is presented.

Once you accept a belief into your reality you put walls up and pave roads which only circle around the same scenery - anything that does not "fit" gets blocked out. You literally nail yourself to the ground and agree to stop growing, to quit questioning. I simply cannot do that.

Greed and Domination - The hunger for power

Power over others - is it a necessity? Is it inevitable?
Are there honestly archetypes better suited for positions of leadership - hold on before you say yes because by accepting this belief you are agreeing to three things:
A.) a portion of archetypes are 'herd minded', weak minded
B.) Another portion are "bad", criminal minded, corrupt and
C.) sovereignty for each individual life cannot exist because only the leader archetype can think for themselves

Clearly the human race has collectively agreed and built our existence on this belief but is this honest? Yes, I know there are exceptions but the rub lies in our idea of "power" - it seems those exceptions would deal a lot better with proper guidance and support so they are able to be as independent as possible not domination and forced compliance, regulations and rules.

In my heart and in my reality the concept of power over others has greatly been evolving. I can say from personal experience that most of my life, within my personal relationships, I have struggled with control. I've experienced an offshoot of the hunger for power - wanting those I love to do what I want because I know what's best. I think this is the most common, basic level of domination. It might be embedded in our DNA as primal instincts encoded in our DNA.
I felt as if it came from a place of love. I know that's where I thought I was coming from at least.. but upon reflection I've discovered that empowering those closest to me by allowing them to be free feels much better.

There are levels to this shit

Since "forever" there have been individuals who rise above the crowd; their ambition pushes them to be someone. Society most certainly sees those whom hold positions of authority as powerful and successful, it also deems those who rake in the dough successful and powerful by default. If you buy into the leader/herd archetypes then this is all pretty obvious. There must be leaders, special people, smarter and more adept at decision making to direct the general population and save them from utter chaos.

This all may sound A-OK and completely regular in today's world but if you pull off the outer layer confining this belief and look at it you'll notice that the one rule binding this idea is trust - the masses must trust the leader and know the path they cut is clear and safe. Now ground this in reality - in today's world. Dig your toes into the now and look around.

Greed and domination have infiltrated the system and manipulated it. There can be no denying this - unless a person actively turns a blind eye to the facts. The fact that our society (especially in the US) is every man for himself and capitalism over everything just feeds the need for power and consequently steers that herd archetype into the quest for more: more money, more power, more people needing your attention. Now the general population is being force fed the lie that more stuff will result in success and fulfillment.

Did those in power knowingly refocus the masses on this unobtainable quest? And why - other than to divide and turn us against each other which makes us easier to dominate.

Greed is such a funny thing. I plan to do some serious analyses on this because this is huge. What is it? Why do we feel it - some much more than others? I get the survival bit but that's just it - it's a bit; its one piece of the greed puzzle. Greed is addictive - it must be. Based on what I have seen it is undeniable in its presence. Greed sprouts many actions and decisions. It is almost an entity of its own - it whispers things to people or "something" triggers chemical and hormonal releases that cause a person to act a certain way.

Whichever way you look at it or chose to define greed it can almost certainly be agreed upon that greed is the willingness to disregard general well being for personal gain. Greed walks hand-in-hand with domination - what other purpose would there be to hoard something or withhold from others if not to dominate them in some way? Greed cannot be seen without there being at least 2 people involved therefore it must rely on a need for power over others.

But why? Why does a person desire power over another? And in the bigger scope - why want to control a population of strangers you don't know. Where does a human being get off thinking that they are best suited to set rules for strangers they have never met? How do people believe someone with no ties to you, with no connection can make a personal decision about your life, better than you can? This concept has too many holes and just rings in as nonsense to me. It must be an infection of some kind that mutates a person's ego so deeply that they crave this type of domination and power.

I see parallel ideas with those who seek out jobs/positions of power over others in lower level schemes like politics, judicial careers, police and military. There is a reason behind their quest for power. Who knows what it is... and even maybe some of the time the drive may come from the heart space - I'm not saying this isn't true however the rich and powerful have built a very strong case for themselves and it's not looking so compassionate or civil.

Anyways, I have gone on enough for this introduction. I will be offering up some sources, dissecting information I find and working to understand why we are this way in Part Two.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post.


This is a great post and outlines many deep and interesting questions to consider. Humans and our inherent psychology are a fascinating, beautiful, yet sometimes scary lot. There is so much that goes into it, but I do feel a lot has to do with conditioning/examples we are constantly exposed to. Especially when we start talking about things which go 'against the grain' of life and the balance/equilibrium all things seek to achieve.

I look forward to reading more of the topics on your list! Keep um coming :)

thank you so much for reading @doon ! I definitely agree - conditioning/examples are most definitely one way it spreads. I find it funny how when I start thinking about greed and power a part of my "brain" goes into default mode and starts spitting out recycled justifications ... those same lines we all know "for the better good", "for survival or protection/safety". But the more further into my quest the more I notice these are rehearsed beliefs society forced on me like brainwashing.. I may one day go far enough to claim it is actually against our human nature to be this way but more research is needed before I stake that one..

I will be posting perhaps over the weekend most likely.
Thanks for taking the time to write a comment! :)

Greed is part of us. Having stuff is a necessity to survival and reproduction. And this is true not only for humans. The way we deal with the greed distinguishes us from other living creatures. Especially in the western civilization where the only perspective we get is the Liberalism and it's last development: the neo-liberalism.
I would like to join a conversation on the topic and maybe I will be able to contribute from the perspective of my experience: I grew up in a traditional, country side, community on the highlands of Ardeal, aka Transylvania. I was 23 when the system changed from socialism to free wild markets and for the last 13 years I was enjoying the mild Canadian mix of neo-liberalism and French-Canadian kind of social-democracy...

thanks for commenting again @cado ! :) I think you most definitely have a unique point of view to explore and share. You should share a post on it :) tag me if you do! I would love to hear more about this interesting combo of political parties. Societal norms and political structures are oddly curious..

thanks again for taking the time to read and comment!

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