CONTEST -- Guess My Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream

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Play and enter to win half the SBD for this contest. Come on, let’s play!

Contest No. 36 -- What Could It Be?

Hey, everyone! It’s time for our next contest!

For this really easy contest, simply make a guess. What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?

The Deadline

This contest will be open for 7 days. When this post pays out in 7 days, the contest closes.

The Prize

The winner will earn half (50%) of the SBD earned from this post!

As the "judge," I have the final say on who wins.

Rules To Play

Be sure to follow the rules or your comment / entry won't count. It's really simple!

  1. Hit Reply and guess my favorite ice cream flavor.
  2. That’s it!

You aren’t required to upvote this post, but the more people who do, the more the payout will be.

Winner Announcement

After 7 days when the contest ends, the winner will be either randomly chosen or I will choose a winner. I will announce the winner that day (or the next day in case I get busy or it's late in the day and I'm snoozing).

For this contest, the first person to guess my favorite flavor of ice cream wins. If no one guesses it, I’ll use an online random picker to choose a winner.

Spread the Word!

Let your Steemit friends and followers know about this contest so more can play! It's easy and hopefully will be fun.

So, please Resteem this post or link it to promotion groups if you like. Thanks for playing!

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I really like the vanilla ice cream because vanilla has many benefits. One of which has a calming effect. Sweet smell of vanilla being a moodbooster for me.

Favourite ice cream: strawberry.

Have a nice summer Peggy!

Sounds good. We'll see!

Hmm I'm going to guess chocolate ice cream is your favorite.

Vanilla - it may seem boring, but it's oh so versatile and seldom lets you down.

Vanilla with Mint leaves. Although it sounds weird but fresh mint leaves can give a cool sensation on the tongue is quite interesting.

Interesting. We will see.

I'm going to say ~ vanilla!

(And not because it's my favourite flavour, lol! but it's such a simple tasty flavour, and can be mixed with so many other flavours!)

Hi, what do you think? Mint ice cream!

Hi, I think Banana Split!

We will find out soon!

A more complex flavor - rocky road. I'd say moose tracks, but it seems like unless people are from my home state or a few that border it they have no idea what that is so XD

pralines and cream 100%

hi, I guess it's lemon

My guess is coffee crumble. :)

Pistachio! I think you like pistachio the best.

Yum. We will see!

hazelnut! Maybe that one by Tillamook... That's one of my favorites too! (Also, I grew up with Tillamook - only one county south of me - so it's definitely a favorite of mine.)

Love Tillamook ice cream. We'll see if the flavor is right...

First I thought ... Chocolate because who doesn't like chocolate ... then I thought vanilla because without it there could be no others .. then I thought strawberry ..... and then it hit me .... it's all the above. Your favorite is ...


Lovely pic! We shall see!

Cookies and cream!

Hello Peggy. Mi sabor favorito es el de Guanabana que hace mi suegra.

I'm sorry. Can you please provide your answer in English? I'm truly American... only speak one language. Thanks!

My favorite flavor is the Guanabana that my mother-in-law does

Grapenut ice cream is your favorite, Peggy. ;)

If you say so! We shall see!

Your favorite one might be strawberry and vanilla mix...

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