Meme Contest: Win 2 @steemmonsters Cards Or 2 @steembasicincome Shares

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Turn the given picture into a funny meme about SteemIt, @steemmonsters or crypto in general and win 2 @steemmonster cards or 2 @steembasicincome shares!

Images taken from an @incinboost post and the Steemmonsters website


We all like to laugh. Since there's not a lot to laugh about when watching the prices of crypto go down further and further, I assumed a little fun would do no harm.

The setup of this contest is simple:

Make a funny meme with the picture you will find below.

The meme you create should be related to SteemIt, @steemmonsters or cryptocurrency in general.


How To Make A Meme?

I assume most of you know how to make a meme, but just in case I'll give you a little rundown:

1 - Download the picture you will find at the bottom of this post to your device.

2 - Go to the Meme Generator on the Make A Meme website.

how to make a meme.png

3 - Upload the picture (1) and add a top text (2), a bottom text (3) and a title for your meme (4)

4 - Click the preview button (5) to see how your meme will look. If you're satisfied, click the 'Make The Meme' button (6).

5 - Download your created meme to your device.

6 - Upload your meme to the comments section below this post to enter.



The submitted memes will be divided into two categories:

  • SteemIt and cryptocurrency in general
  • Steemmonsters

The funniest meme in each category will be rewarded with a prize, as indicated below.

Images taken from an @incinboost post and the Steemmonsters website

Incinboost stopped enrollment until they have gathered more SP. The prize will be replaced with 2 @steembasicincome shares.
Every share is worth a little upvote. The more shares you have, the bigger the upvote will be.


The Picture

Now all that is left for me is to give you the picture you need to turn into a meme, and you can let your creative mind come up with something funny.

Here it is:


Use it to create a funny meme, and upload your meme to the comments section below.

Winners announcement will be made once this post has reached payout.

💡 No Upvote, No Follow, No Resteem Required 💡

That doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. I'm trying to get the @newbiegames account going again and your support is more than welcome.

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hehe, that's actually pretty funny, the best pun here till now

Hahaha, funny one!

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Thanks @rentmoney.
Nice meme :0)

LMAO! I am one of them :0)

Warning: If you are reading this then this warning is for you.

Hahahaha, so funny (and so true)

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Good venture i will join inshAllah


Thanks for submitting an entry, but I don't see how this is related to SteemIt, @steemmonsters or cryptocurrency in general

I will try this out soon my friend.

Sorry, hope this isn't in too poor taste, the blood smeared faces just made it too tempting

I think it's very funny, but I don't see how this is related to SteemIt, @steemmonsters or cryptocurrency in general

Oh gosh I am so sorry, I got so caught up in the entries, I got side tracked on the topic. I am such an idiot, I'm sorry!!!